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Love By Alexander Milov Burning Man 2015 Mark Drax Poster #3662958086
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milov alexander burning inner child adult self piece

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Here is a beautifull sculpture « Love » from Alexander Milov for the « Burning Man 2015 » (great artistic meeting which is held every year in the Nevada desert). I found a picture from this sculpture by chance, and I fell immediately under his spell.
LOVE is a sculpture by Alexandr Milov. It demonstrates a conflict between a man and a woman as well as the outer and inner expression of human nature. The figures of the protagonists are made in the form of big metal cages, where their inner selves are captivated.
At Burning Man this year, there was one sculpture that stood out and offered a gentle yet staying message to the thousands of people that came across it. “Love” by Ukranian sculptor Alexander Milov shows two hunched adult figures turned away from each other built from wire, with a child inside each.
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Alexander Milov-Love Essay Alexander Milov’s sculpture, Love , appeared in the 2015 Burning Man festival, which was themed Carnival of Mirrors to reference the confusion in the modern world of media and to call into question who holds the real power, who is being tricked, and how to discover one’s genuine self in a media-saturated world (“2015 Art Theme: Carnival of Mirrors”).
2015 Event Archive Burning Man 2015 saw a return to the playa of old … gone were the placid, pleasant days and temperate weather we enjoyed in recent years, replaced by the Black Rock Desert’s wrath of high winds, hours-long dust storms, and near-freezing temperatures testing the mettle of 67,564 participants over the course of the week.


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