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Jul 18, 2011 · Julian is the photographer of The People of Burning Man book. The book is very much a collaboration of many almost surreally skilled and wondrous friends. Since a very early age Julian was immersed in the most creative of cultures.
David Julian Dobrik maybe 23 years old, but he already knows what it’s like getting divorced. Yes, that’s right, David got married and got divorced a month later but only as a prank. Let’s break it down from the beginning. One of David’s best friends and fellow YouTuber Jason Nash lives to taunt him.
Since the 1997 release of “Burning Man” by John Plunkett and Brad Wieners, dozens of titles have been published about the event and the culture; there are now 32 books about Burning Man, and 140 with chapters or sections about it. There is also a rich body of academic writing about Burning Man.
Sep 19, 2012 · Karim Tabar ventured into the Burning Man playa not really knowing what he was about to capture that night, morning or day. Everything just happened seamlessly.


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