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The Royal Watcher
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King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands surprised royal watchers and his hosts when he arrived in India for a state visit, co-piloting his own plane. The Dutch king, who has a part-time flying job, was spotted in the cockpit as he landed at Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi on Sunday. The father-of-three was accompanied by his wife Queen Maxima. - Hello.
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Vincent and Girls Final Year Glow:
Everyone welcome to my final season of my series called Vincent and Girls Final Year Glow. Vincent and Girls have enjoyed fighting Solemn and his minions from robbing stores and banks and attacking people and party in Mira Mesa with a bunch of students.
Many days later Galda Watcher invade Solemn’s Castle and introduce herself to him and show him a powerful song. Galda is helping Solemn conquering the world and Solemn only bring a long his niece Zorothea Bons the new villain with him. The other day Vincent heard a melody from the coming from the community park coming across a powerful witch Galda who still be able to sing. A hellbent on destroying Mira Mesa and wider world. 
On this picture there’s crystals behind Solemn from Galda’s song as how the series goes.

Vincent and Girls are heading off and live in the royal capital and search for some unique powerful songs and lyrics for Vincent’s 4 girls and use the Song Magic called an Anthem to drown Galda’s tune of destruction. They’ll be meeting some new heroines all over the world as they and find some songs. It might be a long journey and some challenging battles with monsters and beasts awaits. And plus Larie Skyer the blue haired angel came from the moon when Vincent heard another singing.

Vincent’s 4 girls have unique ability to sing, which it’s enabled by four elements of qualia such as water, fire, wind, and earth. When song was revoked from mankind as punishment, only super heroines kept this musical gift, they can employ songs as powerful magic. Songs that can support allies and effects enemies. During this process Vincent finds that he is no ordinary young man, as he is a Conductor, an entity with powers that can fine-tune and amplify 4 girls' songs.

When their powerful anthem drowns Galda’s crystals, what happens next when the Randles and Galda were defeated. It’ll be a truce.
An avenue of royal Caribbean palm trees native to Colombia, Venezuela, and Trinidad & Tobego lining the walking path at the Rio de Janeiro botanical garden 🌴🌴🌴
Jardim Botânico is in Rio’s South Zone at the foot of the Corcovado Mountain, just below the outstretched right arm of Christ the Redeemer, and is a lovely stop during your visit to Rio.

The garden hosts some 6,500 species, some of which are endangered, displaying a dazzling array of Brazilian and foreign (mainly South American) flora 🌸🌳
The botanic gardens is also a paradise for bird watchers, as there are over 140 species of birds in the park 🐦🐦 The birds, which range from the channel-billed toucan to the white-necked hawk, are used to humans and easy to observe.

The botanic gardens is also an important research center in Brazil, as researchers taxonomists working in the park contribute to Brazil’s botanic studies and the conservation and identification of species 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
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Because of what October’s month represents, I wanted to post my progress from the last 1.5yrs. The left picture was in April 2018, I weighed 76kg. Believe me though this was not my heaviest. The heaviest I weighed was 86kg back in Sept 2016. The right picture was August 2019, on my recent trip to NYC. Over the last 3yrs I have been really focusing on trying to turn my life around, I went from working full time with the NHS, then to a foundation year and now I am in my 2nd year of studying Psychology at Royal Holloway. My life has been such a rollercoaster since the day I was born, I am almost 22 and yet the ride doesn’t seem to be slowing down but as days go by I am learning more on how to enjoy it and control it. I was never a big person, just from 2014-18 I lost control and my only comfort was food. I had a massive binge eating disorder, I was also battling chronic anxiety and depression. I would eat McDonald’s for breakfast, KFC for lunch, Burger King for dinner you name it.. food was my escape and I just no longer cared for myself. I had stopped self harming physically but then took poor diet as another way of harming. Last year April after I took that picture on the left was when I decided I had enough, I was away on holiday in Brazil and hated how I looked, I was truly miserable, while all my family were in the pool, enjoying themselves and taking pictures I stayed covered up and whatever pictures I did take I would spend hours trying to edit them.. when I got back I decided it was time. I enrolled myself in Weight Watchers and started going to the gym most days of the week. By September 2018 I had managed to lose 13kg, Last year at the gym I was doing all the classes while this year I am now lifting heavy, focusing on different muscle groups, using gym as my therapy and teaching myself to eat well but also not to restrict myself of any foods as that is where the binges come from, I still have my real rocky days, where I feel so anxious that I don’t want to leave my house, I am not at my goal yet but I am proud of myself on finally being on a journey to learn to love myself. You are your number one, Remember to take care of yourselves. #mentalhealthmonth
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