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Giant Woman And Man
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*A man* hit a woman. *A man* hit a woman. *A man* hit a woman. 
I don't care why

I can't stand it

It's worse when *A man* is a senator 
It's woeful when *A man* is young

It's annoying when *A man* is supposed to be sensible

It's embarrassing when *A man* should be a leader

It's crazy when *A man* should represent the voice of the people 
It's saddening when a man was voted in because *A man* should be a "Beacon of Hope" 
It's depressing when *A man* is not apologetic

It's scary... Oh I'm scared and angry that this happened in my country

I'm scared that *A man* beats his wife at home

I'm scared that *A man* beats his employees 
I'm scared that *A man* is a walking criminal who rules over learned people 
I am scared that *A man* would be labelled as "untouchable"

I am scared that the women in the house of representatives will stop talking about this after a while

I am scared that the unequal representation of men and women in the house will make this case die down if at all it is even raised

I am scared that *A man* will get away with this in my country; the "giant"of Africa

I am angry that some people still do not see the importance of Gender Equality 
No man should hit a woman. Not even THIS Man *A man* is *Senator Elisha Abbo*

Dear Nigerians, we can decide what we want. We can!!! We shouldn't allow beasts rule us. He should pay for this!!! He should be RECALLED!!! He should PAY!!! _Olamide OLAYIWOLA_

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“Divided we fall” is the fourth number of the “Miles Morales Spider-Man Collection” edit by panini_comics .
Drawn and written by Brian Michael Bendis, David Marquez and Pepe Larraz.

Description: Finally the Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales enter as a part of the Ultimates, an hero team like the Avengers. The world is collapsing and the Ultimates need all possible forces. 
Cap first wants to talk with Miles: will he accept him as a part of the group or tell Miles he isn’t ready yet?? Tell me if you read it so we can talk about it. 
Pages: 136
Inside: Coloured
Curiosity: In this comic you will find Nick Fury, Cap, Spider-Woman and others famous characters like Giant-Man.
50 years ago today, man first landed on the moon. At that moment none of us paid any attention to our differences. At that moment, regardless of your race, religion, or sexuality, we were all proud to be humans. What mattered was the global network of 400,000 people that made Apollo 11 a success. At that moment, there was no “they”… there was only “we”. We had done it. We, collectively, had sent man to the moon. That moment, the world saw what could be accomplished when we looked past our differences.  From the moon, no one could see the superficial boundaries mankind had drawn up. Armstrong, Aldrin, and Collins just saw the “tiny pea, pretty and blue” that was their home. It is time we realize that inside every human is a “moon” waiting to be discovered. The thread of humanity runs inside every man, woman, and child. It is this common thread that we have to rediscover, and then truly would it be “one giant leap for mankind.” 🌔🌏🚀 #apollo11 #apollo11anniversary #onesmallstepformanonegiantleapformankind
It's our day!  From me to u all beautiful women. I do understand your struggles,  your fears, your secret tears and hurts, but behind all that lies a beautiful smile and a great you. I just want to encourage u to keep up that beautiful smile, keep being you, your happiness lies in your own hands,  some of you have chosen to remain unhappy thinking that your life, destiny and happiness lies in one man's hand,  you are killing yourself gradually, package yourself,  re-brand spirit soul and body and  never let any one or anything dull your moment.

You are are woman and not doing anything but waiting for ogah to bring money before you can buy pencil for your child, buy pepper to do small sauce or even to get yourself a pair of pants and bra then you deceiving yourself. There's so much around you to turn to gold,  u have got ideas in you to even make the world rise in ovation for you but the problem is taking a step,  get out of your slumber today,  dust those ideas you are pregnant with and take a step, it only begins with a step, a giant step,  bring that "I CAN SPIRIT" in you out, I believe you CAN.  Don't be shy, don't be laid back going only for miracle services, doing only the fasting and prayer without taking a step to activate that which you have prayed for. Create that balance, don't let anything or anyone distract you,  be focused, do not let that vision die in you. 



Kinutateiwa suspension bridge's length is 140m and height is 40m.
It connects the hot spring town and rock called Tateiwa.

Kinugawa river was flooded by a typhoon last night.

When  I visited there last month was a few people and we did not feel shaking, but it seems to shake quite a lot when crowded with many people such as autumn leaves season.

Crossing the other side of the bridge,there is a demon called Tateki, which is watching  the safety and prosperity of Kinugawa Onsen.

Giant rock is represented as a man and Kinugawa river which is usually calm but sometimes intensified, is represented as a woman.
And it is said that to be "a  bridge of love '' from connecting men and women.

Nice poster, is not it?

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