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National Museum Of African American History And Culture
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Much anticipated opening this weekend, Ruby City art museum in San Antonio. Exciting news and cant wait to visit. It was the vision of the late arts patron and Pace Foods heir, Linda Pace. Designed by world renowned architect David Adjaye, whose buildings include the National Museum of African American History and Culture, with inaugural exhibition by Isaac Julien and works by Teresita Fernández, Do-ho Suh, Cornelia Parker, Andrea Bowers, Lari Pittman.
#RubyCity #artmuseum #LindaPace #DavidAdjaye #IsaacJulien #TeresitaFernández #SanAntonio
Spent the afternoon at the National Museum of African American History and Culture. •
This amazing visit highlighted my family roots starting with slavery, moving to segregation, then to pop culture and finished with modern day icons. Not only was the visit educational, but also empowering, diving deep into the richness and diversity of African American history. A must see if you're in the D.C area.
Oysters are often seen as a luxury food now, but throughout much of early American history they were so abundant that people from all classes regularly ate them. In coastal cities, you could have them on the street or in dingy bars for practically nothing. In late 1800s New York, a man named Thomas Downing built an empire out of an oyster bar. But here's the thing: he was a black man doing this during the era of slavery. Joanne Hyppolite, curator at the National Museum of African American History and Culture, shared Downing's story with Francis Lam. If their discussion makes you hungry for oysters, satisfy your craving with our recipe for Classic Creamy Oyster Stew.  #oysters #oysternyc #nycoysters #rebuildnyc #nychistory #rawbar #oystershucking #oystershucker #shucking #seafood
What an AMAZING weekend, saw some breathtaking things in DC!!!! Museum of National African American history and culture museum was truly powerful and got a chance to meet carlaphall from abcthechew 💕 can’t wait to go back🍃
hadn’t been to our nation’s capital in 4 years... needless to say, I had the time of my life: I went to the African American civil war museum, the National African American museum of History and Culture, the MLK memorial, and the chance to meet folks on the ground who are actually striving and implementing programs and businesses to uplift the African American community, but also bridging the gap between African and African American relations. of course I made time for some YWN activities, lol. but I want to send a special thank you to the Founders of Birthright Africa, Magic and Melanin, and my benevolent brother Julius. I touch down on the continent in a month, y’all. trust, I’m only gonna keep going higher until then and some. The pedigree is marked, I’m feeling my power.
#birthrightafrica #magicandmelanin #1619 #400 #calmbeforethestorm #lindamade #Broadway
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