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Meeting people in your line of business can be beneficial on the long run. 
Are you not spending quality time with people in your field and people of like minds? I think you should.

I spent most of my time in 2014/2015 meeting and connecting with great minds in my line of business; Blogging and Internet Marketing. Some turned out to be good friends while some... (it doesn’t matter). Networking with people who are doing the same thing you do can increase your potentials and respect on the long run. Don’t go around connecting with people who will add no value to you, rather connect with those you can share ideas with and also gain from even if they are not winning as you are at that moment. 
I met ekiema__ in 2014 when he came visiting me in Awka, we shared ideas, he respected me and I share the same respect then I decided to go look for him in Benin a year after. I was definitely doing great then, I could just mingle with bigger hands and people then but no, I unconsciously understand how keeping a close contact with a great mind as mine could help. Later this year, we connect again in Dubai, and he’s doing greater compared to our first meeting. 
Same goes to priscillaemasoga, the young woman that broke the internet when she bought ride for her Mom and Dad. We met in Imo state, she wasn’t rich, I was but that doesn’t stop me from meeting her and talk business and ideas. She is curious, wanting to be great and we keep a close contact since then. Last week, we connect again at the Khayma Safari Desert and we talked about a whole lot of things ranging from business and personal growth. 
The point is, there are other people on their list who they will not give attention to anymore due to the fact that they didn’t have those people’s attention when they were perceivably “nothing” in the past. 
But here they are, even though they are doing very well, managed to still call me “Boss” (I’m never comfortable with that word though) and still appreciate me till the moment.

The point is, when you are winning, look out for potentials in your field, connect, meet up and it can be a lift up for you when things goes wrong in the future. 
Don’t underrate anyone!!!
Check my recent post 🎵 iambangalee - Fall in Love
Fall in love was almost the Nigerian national anthem in 2008
I can remember playing this song for the first time in a wedding and people where jumping with happiness🤣
Koko master (D banj) did this song under the Mo hits records with Don baba J
The song did not only boast of good lyrics,it also came with great sound(beat). Some quotable lyrics from the song goes 🎶OMO YOU DON MAKE ME FALL IN LOVE OH OH
🎵 oritsefemi - Igbeyawo
One thing that makes me remember this song the most is the fact that it was released on the 25th  December 2014.
Nobody would have expected a street and commercial artist like Oritse to come up with a love song like this.
Some quotable lyrics from the song goes
🎶What God has joined together, let no man put asunder ohhhhh x2
. 🎵 timidakolo - Iyawo mi
I don't need to talk much on this song because the fact that it was released on 14th of February 2014(Valentines day) explains everything.
Timi has been known for having such a wonderful voice which better explains why the song went so popular.
🎵 9iceofficial - Wedding day
This song came from the album - Gonga aso which was dropped in 2008.The song was crafted with good lyrics and sound,garnished with some Yoruba words.
It for lovers on their wedding day
🎵 official2baba- African queen 
Thia amazing tune was released by 2face Idibia in 2004 and became arguably the biggest love song ever to be released in the history of Africa. “African Queen” wasn’t a national or continental hit alone but a hit that was felt even in the western world of music
🎵 paulplaydairo - Angel of my life
Paul Play  released this song in 2006 and it was a massive hit that year.
Ever since i became a dj,i can't remember going to a wedding and people won't request this song
It a must for me when am playing, even when i try to hide from playing it,a request must come in for it
🎵 sunnyneji - oruka
This song was released in 2003.
Oruka is a song that celebrates love & marriage and one that tells the story of the pleasantries one would enjoy in marriage.
《 As Time Goes By 1982 1988 1997 2014 》
by Barbara Davatz

Every picture is the record of a relationship; the sum of the picture is record of time. — Barbara Davatz


瑞士藝術家 Barbara Davatz 從1982年開始執行「As time goes by」計畫,她先是拍攝了十幾對的年輕人,在當時,這些年輕人們以朋友、親戚或是戀人的情感狀態出現,每一頁的照片裡頭他們直視著鏡頭,各自的姿態與肢體動作細節也暗示其中的情感類別。

此計畫彷彿微型版的《年少時代》一樣,Barbara Davatz以同樣的拍攝手法,分別在1982年、1989年、1997年、2014年時間軸裡攝下變化,從7年的間距開始,接下來的8年,直到最後的17年。表面上的時間感覺只是數據,我們透過Barbara Davatz的鏡頭、黑白攝影的表現方式,由人物的生理變化、穿著打扮時代風格的轉變等等,發現時間的確讓人的外在與內在都產生了些微的皺摺,也讓書裡所承載的時間長出了鮮明的輪廓。

出版:Edition Patrick Frey

I shot this video back in 2014 but did not edit it until today.
In 2014, my friends and I went to FRIM (Forest Research Institute Malaysia). This forest reserve is very well known for its canopy walk (hanging bridge). The canopy walk, which is located 30m above the ground offers the perfect vantage point which to observe flora and fauna.
Unfortunately 2014 was the last year the bridge was opened to public. The bridge has been closed ever since. From my understanding, FRIM is trying to attain the recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
FYI FRIM is one of the world's oldest tropical rain forests. Unfortunately some people don't appreciate that. I remember I found ice cream wrapper, plastic bags etc. scattered in the forest, near waterfall and river. I did my part by picking up those things and threw into a dustbin.
I recorded a lot of videos since 2009 for personal viewing. I stored them in two external hard disks. Unfortunately one has fried and I couldn't save videos in that disk. But life goes on.
P/s: I was screaming my friend's name in the end.
It’s Move-In day and I’m nostalgic so here goes the big question: Would 2014, Brand-New High School Graduate, Fresh, Wide-Eyed, Newly Independent, Move-In Day Megan be proud of 2019 Move-In Day Megan?

Would she be proud of my accomplishments? Would she be proud of my Communications degree versus a Biology degree? Would she be proud to know that I work at the college she’s entering? Would she be proud that I’m married so soon out of college? Would she be proud of the much stronger and MUCH healthier relationship I’m now in? Would she be surprised that she’s more in touch with her sister? Would she be proud that she’s not sure what her goals are anymore? I don’t know.

I don’t know.

I don’t know.

I don’t know what 2014 Move-In Day Megan would think of me know. 
Would she be proud of me? 
Does it matter?

I hope she understands that the she’s about to grow and develop so much more than she ever could have anticipated. I hope she knows that five years from now even though she’s not where she planned or where she wanted to be, she is exactly where she is and in the exact right spot.

I’m happy. I’m not sure what the even next five years will bring, but I’m happy with the present, and I’m ready to take whatever the next few years throw at me. 
I know it won’t fall into a plan.
It won’t be expected. 
It won’t necessarily be wanted.

But it will be right. It will be right because damn it 2014 Move In Day Megan, you’re going to make it right. #muchreflect #verythoughtful
5 years goes by really quickly. I’m so thankful for the time I’ve had with pronghornsswimming. In the end, I didn’t quite achieve the ultimate goal for my university career, which an 18 year-old version of me set in November of 2014. But that doesn’t take away from what a life-changing experience the past 5 years have been for me. That same youngster wasn’t good enough out of high school to receive a single offer to swim for a post-secondary team. After 5 years of work, and support from so many different people, I hope that my 18 year-old self would be satisfied with the way things ended. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this amazing journey, from my first year to now.
16 years ago, I took my first plunge into the Fritz Sick pool with the Lethbridge Orcas Summer Swim Club, the club I swam for every summer from 2003-2014. Through swimming I got to spend time with my brother and parents, I made lifelong friends, and I got to be mentored by amazing people like kentaitchison and thornley123. I’m not 100% sure yet where I will go from here in this sport. I might take up backgammon, or maybe competitive knitting. But I will forever be grateful for the imprint swimming has left, and will continue to leave on my life for years to come. See y’all in the pool 🌊🌊🌊.
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