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Purple Color Flower
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This year we grew 3 main types of beans. I grew a hyacinth bean up a tree that winter killed but that is for another post. Let me tell you about the three types of beans in this post, scarlet runner (green on left), Marvels of Venice (yellow in the middle), and purple podded pole bean. Can you guess which is our favorite? First let me tell you about each of them.
🌿Scarlet runner beans are a pole type with peachy flowers that are beautiful in bouquets. They seem to be a bit slow to get started but then they take of and are very productive. The beans get quite big quicker than you would think. It is best to eat smaller ones, 4- 5 in long. The larger one aren't as tough as you would imagine but still tough. There pods are like velcro and will stick to your shirt. My kids found this quite entertaining but it does cause more debris to stick to them and that means more time washing them.
🌿Marvels of Venice are a bush type bean that produce very well just keep them picked. The flavor and texture are both good. Bush beans tend to snap at the base very easily during harvesting. They are not the best choice if small ones will be helping with the harvesting.
🌿Purple podded pole beans are, like the name says, a pole type. Their purple color makes them stand out when harvesting ensuring that none get left behind. They produce abundantly and the small pods are delightful eaten fresh of the vine raw. Their skin is smooth but the beautiful purple color turns to green when cooked. 🌿
So what is our favorite variety? If you guessed purple podded pole bean than you guessed right! Delicious, abundant, easy to grow, easy to harvest, super easy to gobble up!😄
💗- Jaci
10 years ago it would have been hard to sell flowers like this.  Even with intense tropical citrus/blueberry terpenes and above average thc.  Dark colored flower was hard to command a respectable price after Purples time was over.
The market mostly wanted OG and Sour.
Now unique terpenes like this are super popular.  But do most consumers know top shelf headies from average or worse?  More transparency and education from the cultivation and breeding community and they should.  There’s a lot of marketing in cannabis, make sure you walk the walk if you talk the talk.
The weed in this picture is fire and maybe even a stand out, but to us it’s not a keeper.  We have much better to play with.
If you don’t have 10+ years experience with cultivation or if you haven’t grown hundreds if not thousands of varieties you may not be on the level.
Unfortunately many “leaders” in the cultivation and breeding  industry are young and or lack that type of experience ( #posers ) and that is why dispensaries need so much purple punch and strains with fancy names.
I’ve been doing this for 20+ years and in some ways still feel like a novice. #keepitreal 
#realtalk #justsayin #OG #respect #cannabis #culture #community #anticonsumerism #rebelgrown #rebelasfuck
Nice poster, is not it?

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