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"Avoiding triggers isn't healing. Healing happens when you're triggered and you're able to move through the pain, the pattern, and the story - and walk your way to a different ending." ~ Vienna Pharaon

Read that again.

This is the path back to autonomy. Fuck all the assholes who act like you're fragile and that you have to avoid the things that trigger you. That's total bullshit that invokes fear when what you really need is ferocity. Why should you be the one to avoid anything? Why should your triggers become the bars on the cage that keeps you locked away from the world? You survived it once. You did that. You can survive the healing too. Don't let reminders hold you hostage. The world needs you. All of you. The ferocious you. 😘
It is with my sharing I hope to empower others to self reflect. To see their own pattern, visit their inner world and start creating awareness of SELF. 
I recently found myself in a situation where I was torn between my heart and my head. I keep telling myself to keep your heart open but what I realised was my body started to give me ‘body clues’ 
DIS-EASE in the body. Aches, pain, sore throat (not speaking my truth) 
My E-MOTIONAL body (energy in motion) became activated and I didn’t feel stable or grounded in my energy. For me it’s almost a sensational of being wired, frazzled.
Can you relate? 
This all affects my sleep, my rest states, my wellbeing. 
After monitoring my inner world and holding awareness for SELF I noticed the process was taking longer than normal so then I was shaming myself for not working through the process quicker. Most don’t even notice this inner world transition of disruption yet I expect myself to always be in a higher state. To radiate ‘loving understanding’ even when I’m struggling to even understand human behaviour in the physical world.
More awareness on how tough I am on SELF. 
As I was travelling through the journey I started questioning those involved, my values, their values. Trust or lack of became present, my insecurities started to revisit and I started to lose control of my own inner world. 💥💥💥💥💥💥 Resulting in me reaching my first natural state of emotion.


When I feel that what happens?


So I openly told the person to ‘fuck off’ ‘leave me alone’ 
I did it again!!!! After so much work on managing my emotional body my old ugly self exploded... Why?

Because the trigger I felt in my being wasn’t about me needing to work on myself. It wasn’t about me ‘having’ to find a part of myself I wasn’t SEEing.... Instead I was trigger self-destruction in my own being because I felt UNSAFE.

Why did I feel unsafe?

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*Trigger warning*
Tell me: is it so difficult to accept that mental health is as important as physical health? 
How many tears, cuts and suicides will it take for the society to realise that mental health issues are
a serious concern? I’ve often come across people who consider all this as just a “flaw” in the victim’s 
mind, or that it’s only their illogical thinking and that they “shouldn’t think about it”. What anxiety does to you is that it triggers your mind whenever it wishes, and then you lose all your 
senses in a split second. It’s a disconnect from oneself. It sounds simple but it’s vulnerable. You wake 
up and you’re happy and on one side of your bed, anxiety will wake up and brag about 
the million things that will go wrong or went wrong in the past, and it’ll make you 
feel horrible about yourself. It’s like a sudden storm on a bright day. What’s next is self-disgust. You end up wanting to be in bed, isolated from the world so that you do not hurt anybody. This leads to self-hatred. And, that makes you want to make cuts on your arms and legs. It leads to suicidal thoughts. And consequently, sometimes, it goes from just cutting to slitting of wrists. I know it sounds painful to read, think about the people going through it.
In prolonged situation, all this leads to depression. And there’s beyond, of course. Like, maladaptive day dreaming, split personality disorder, and so much more. Victims just drown into this inevitable dark space. No sugar-coated sweet talks are helpful then. Do you have any idea? No. Why? Because its all invisible. Victims don’t open up about it because they are hated by other people not suffering from it. For example, if someone gets anxiety attacks, people in front of them shout and tell them that they are just drama, or it’s just in their stupid mind, or they’re just crazy. As a result, the victims don’t open up, even when someone actually wants to help. All the accusations and labels make them feel vulnerable about themselves. And then anxiety triggers, a wave of depression crosses their mind, and this cycle of their mental state continues. 
I’m here to tell you that MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEMS ARE REAL!
Nice poster, is not it?

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