Poster All you should know about libraries in solidity ...

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All you should know about libraries in solidity ...
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It's our paper anniversary!!! They call the first anniversary paper anniversary and they say our gifts should be in paper... (I like the even-sized paper that can be used for legal transactions but that's beside the point 😉). I looked for a few facts about paper and I'd like to share
First, the paper is about 2000 years old. It's one of those things that has lasted this long and hasn't lost its relevance (totally unarguable). In the same way, we won't loose relevance after many years because well, the paper didn't! 
The paper is produced from trees. But not just trees alone. Did you know there is paper produced from pieces of cloth and hemp paper? It's why money is more durable than the customary paper. That's why paper is important, just like the first year of marriage milestone is important, just like paper. It can be created from different materials
One tree can create plenty paper!! One marriage can create plenty impact and produce plenty paper (figuratively of course)... As a librarian, I know the revolution (not Sowore's own) that paper brought to modern Europe back then and of course, printing is done on paper. I know how much they say digitization is taking over but a traditional library will always be relevant and provide the blueprint for the digital ones. 
Paper gives you a blank sheet, literally, to write down much, create maps and plans and all. You already know where in going to with all these...
So I celebrate my paper anniversary knowing that it's bigger and more significant than before. I celebrate it knowing that just like paper, fragile and delicate yet important. Seemingly frail but solid enough to hold nations, validate contracts, perform legal transactions and hold years and years of information 
Next year is going to be beautiful. Happy Paper anniversary to us!! friskilyexceptional 
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