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"Thoroughbreds is American Psycho meets Heathers." - David Ehrlich IndieWire 
See Ouija star Olivia Cooke in her new film Thoroughbreds , in theaters March 9th.
This is Olivia. There are few times in life where you spot someone in the middle of a crowded room and are immediately captivated and struck by them. The first time I saw Olivia was on the dancefloor of our favorite bar La Descarga. Watching her dance with such grace and energy and an infectious smile made everyone else in the room disappear. Before the night was over I told her, “I don't care where and when but I have to dance with you again”. I am lucky to have shared many dances with her in some incredible places. As long as we had Mezcal or Wine and some good food we were happy and I cherished the time alone we have had together traveling and going on mini adventures all over the world. Olivia's biggest lesson to me was that it's okay to begin from scratch. For example she taught me how to make pasta and Italian sauces from scratch. She taught me that searching for a reason to quit my job and work on more fulfilling work can be done from scratch. That traveling the world and having incredible experiences does not require anything more than a passport and a boarding pass. For Olivia living your life can not be store bought but a recipe that you discover for yourself with hidden ingredients along the way. That it is okay to make a mess in the kitchen as long as I continue exploring my love for cooking. Through her influence I have developed the courage to reconnect with my latin heritage, leave a job that was not bringing me joy, and be okay with not knowing what I will do as long as I know who I am. I am so proud of Olivia and her accomplishments towards her career. She is incredibly intuitive, curious, and steadfast which will no doubt lead her to go on and make a dent in the world. I thank her for taking me by the hand and showing me the world through her eyes and helping me discover how to see the world through my own.
Our friends from lastsupperpdx heavenlyanchovy & berlinswagar are popping up here TOMORROW 6pm ‘till late !!! 🐟🌹Olivia is a cook who has worked in restaurants in New York and Portland, OR and Berlin is a wine professional who represents zevrovineselections . Together, they wanted to create a series of events that would bring people together, build a sense of intimacy between strangers and friends, and encourage a larger conversation about food and wine. Last Supper features menus by Olivia, which are guided by what is available and in season from local farms. She’s also inspired by flavors in Jewish food that she grew up eating, the stuff that’s currently getting her excited about being a cook, and the bounty of produce from the Pacific Northwest, where she and Berlin are both from. She wants to focus on supporting small farms and pushing produce, in all its forms, to the fore—without over-manipulation. Berlin curates wine pairings, with a focus on vintners who are in tune with the moon. 🌝
A picture with mom & baby, what?! Been behind the camera a lot lately capturing everyone’s first time with Olivia - so huge thank you to daddy robertplox for capturing this. •
How’s life? You’d be surprised how quickly time flies when you’ve just been watching your baby for what you think is 5 minutes but really it’s been 2 hours and it’s time to feed baby and put her to sleep again, then watch her again and start over. Laundry’s been getting washed & dried but it has not made it into the closet. Luckily, dishes are still getting washed daily cause we are managing to get good home cooked meals in (another thank you to robertplox) We wake up early and go to bed “late” (10 pm). All in all parenting has been AMAZING! Everything we’ve imagined & far. Exhausting? Yes. Rewarding? Hell yes. Sleeping? Sort of. Am I OK? Yes, reminding myself that recovery takes time. Is Robert OK? I think yes, he’s still able to get some game time in & hasn’t lost it taken care of us yet!😂 #Superdad | We are in a serious transition & haven’t been happier, more secure or more in love EVER. •
We promise to get back to everyone slowly but surely, so much love has been coming in & we couldn’t be more grateful. For all of those that have helped us, supported us, and reached out- family & friends - we love you! Olivia can not wait to meet all of you and feel all the love for herself 💕 •
Also, 100% recommend this nursing pillow! mybrestfriend Super sturdy, perfect for cradle hold, provides back support, perfect surface for when baby wants a mid meal nap & since it straps as you move - it angles and keeps baby in place. Has been a blessing! Haven’t used the pocket bag though, I just dunno what to put in it 🤷🏻‍♀️Definitely still get a boppycompany pillow, will be very useful later on. Plus it’s a comfy neck pillow for mom & dad! 😁
UPDATE: After carefully review, Robert has wowed me and added nipple cream & a burp cloth to that pocket!! LIKE DUH 🤦🏻‍♀️
Nice poster, is not it?

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