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Orca Whale
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I went to Younglife Malibu one last time as a camper, and we got to see Orca Whales from the boat we were on. I was so touched to be in the presence of them and to watch them be in their natural habitat (they were also hunting which is a beautiful thing to watch!). I cried tears of joy, I was so happy. But these boys next to me were being immature and telling everyone “don’t fall in or else they will kill you, cause their killer whales”. I turned to them and looked them dead in the eye and said “ACTUALLY THEY WONT HURT YOU. IVE STUDIED THEM FOR THE PAST 3 YEARS. THATS NOT WHY THEY ARE CALLED KILLER WHALES” (I didn’t yell, I was just offended and aggressive about it). They just said okay and went on with making fun of them. HERES THE BEST PART: Orca Whales seemed to keep coming up in people’s conversations and me being me I’d but in and correct them as in “actually no, they were called Blackfish” or “no they actually have a lot of emotion due to the size of their limbic lobe” something like that. One night the camper singer mattpwright asked the audience for random words for him to put into a song and I (with the help of my tall boyfriend) put in Orca Whales. The singer made the Orca Whales the chorus, bridge, and ending of the song about how they need food and how beautiful they are and how their name killer whales doesn’t mean they will kill humans. I was cheering so much and I was so happy that everyone finally shut up about making jokes about them. My last photo is a painting I did for my book about the #southernresidentorcas milliebobbybrown I hope your shoes with converse are helping the ocean. PC: q_steck southernresidentprotection
Orcas have been observed outside of Ballina in Australia! They were hunting Humpback whales, this is not far away from where I'm living at the moment.
There was a pod of at least 30 Orcas with mothers, calfs and big bulls. This can only mean one thing and that is they are looking for new hunting grounds!
How cool is that and maybe the future brings encounters with them on this side of the world.
(Photo is from where I'm encountering a Orca calf and its pod in the Arctic fjords of Norway)
Orcas and penguins and boobies, oh my!😱 Our study abroad students from Miami had the boat ride of a lifetime yesterday, finding orca whales around Punta Moreno in Isabela! Surrounded by flocks of feeding frigates, albatross, pelicans, and more, the two orcas were a rare and welcome sight.

And the amazing wildlife encounters did not stop there: Galapagos penguins, flightless cormorants, manta rays, sea turtles, sea lions, and a Bryde’s whale were just a few of the other species we saw, with Isabela’s two volcanos, Isla Fernandina, and the surrounding volcanic islets providing an equally magnificent background. After a long day of adventure, the group took a much needed rest under the warm sun.

1: Rachel Sanquist
2-10: Claire Griffin
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Photo from the archive with great news! Norwegian fishing vessel are ready for the herring. The herring is being located in the same fjords as last year and we all knows what comes after the herring?
Today I was hoping my life long dream of meeting an Orca whale in its natural habitat would come to fruition. Little me grew up wanting to be an Orca whale trainer at Sea World. UNTIL I saw Black Fish on Netflix 😫 Instead all I got was this statue... guess I’ll take it! Until Willy decides he’s ready to meet his true best friend.
Nice poster, is not it?

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