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Where were you when you heard the news? Time sits still now, yet the heart continues to ache. Actor Nicolas Cage has passed away. He was found on the side of the road last night, shirtless and in a pair of rollerblades. This was not the first time Nicolas Cage has been on hard drugs and rollerblading. Just last year the actor suffered an ankle injury and had to stop filming Between Worlds. 
The Cagester was a loving husband to his 5th wife and an excellent father to his children Weston and Kal-El Cage. The reason Nicolas named his son Kal-El was because that was Superman’s name on his home world (Superman is NCs favorite hero). His son was not my Superman, Nick was my Superman. Whenever I needed someone to be there, Nikki was there for me through the power of art. 
People do not understand the power of his art. Nicky Cage Boy was proven to be the greatest actor of all time. All of his films are absolutely timeless. Nick Cage starred in a total of 53 films, the average film is 1 hour and 30 minutes so if you do the math we have over 3 days of his work. However, last night the progress has completely halted. 
If I had the ability to go back in time and alter one single event what we I do? Would I stop Pol Pot, the 1971 Bangladesh Genocide, or the Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand (what really caused WW1 and pretty much WWII)? Would I go back in time and enrich the past with technology and cures for diseases? I think not. I would go back to yesterday and tell Nicolas Cage, “hey buddy put down those rollerblades” #ripnickcage
From Left to right:

1st image - Laurence Fishburn, Nicolas Cage, and Jason Cabell #writer & #director for the film!

2nd - Grace Santos & Michael Mendolsohn of patriotpictures_ 
3rd- Michael & Nicolas Cage

And the coolest people you’ll ever get to sit with... 😎 
4th - Michael Mendelsohn, Natalie Perrotta, Lauren Craig and Grace Santos the #patriotpicturesteam
Nice poster, is not it?

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