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Black And White Joker
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Inktober 2019
Day 3
Joker (2019) Joaquin Phoenix

I’m a day late but I know I’m not late somewhere in the world 😂
Thought I would draw Joker for Day 3 with colour. I don’t think it’ll look any better on full black and white. 
Joker is probably the movie of the year for me and Joaquin portrayed Arthur Fleck so perfectly. •
LAMY Fountain Pen in black ink, medium nib
Copic markers
Red ballpoint pen
#inktober #inktoberday3 #art #illustration #joker
It was in 1989 that I first came across the Joker. It was in Tim Burton's #batman Played by Jack Nicholson, the #Joker stayed on my mind as much as the #Batmobile did and that's saying a lot... It was perhaps the first time that I was so intrigued by a character that was outright evil. The fact that this villain Jack Napier aka Joker and the hero Bruce Wayne aka Batman (Michael Keaton) were jostling to occupy my mind space long after the Gotham saviour had defeated his arch enemy on the big screen kinda baffled me.. Why I could not let go of Jack Nicholson's crazed Joker and let Batman take more room was something that was disturbing! Of course back then the world was all about the black and white and the grey was an area unexplored... and it was this grey that found its deliverance in Heath Ledger's Joker. His brilliant performance portraying the layered manaical sociopath in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight (2008) with such dark sinful deliciousness made you want to dive into his headspace... the anarchy oddly satisfying and yet making you hungry for more... sadly it was to be his last... Jared Leto brought in a quirky touch to his Joker in 2016's Suicide Squad making a strong impact in a minor role but owning it up... Nothing like Ledger's Joker. But interesting in his own way... So now with Joker getting his own origin spin-off... DC Black standalone Todd Phillips' Joker .. All eyes are definitely on Joaquin Phoenix! Ledger as a predecessor certainly has a legacy set.. but then again it's Joaquin.. a star of repute... dependable and known for his acting chops... Yet comparisons are inevitable.. For me the Joker has come to equate with Ledger... But there's so much more to Joker that I'm looking forward to that has a lot to do with the character than just the actor... And just waiting to see who triumphs here... Playing a character that I still want to know more of... Arthur Fleck here and his descent into madness most of all.. can't wait to see Joaquin Phoenix don the mantle and create his own legacy. October... come on already! 
wbpictures jokermovie toddphillips1  #cinema #moviebuff #joaquinphoenix #heathledger #dc #dcblack dccomics dc_uhd #comics
"I used to think that my life was a tragedy. But now I realize, it’s a comedy.’ - 🃏. In honor of the new Joker movie! Have you seen it?! I loved it! What did you think of the movie? 
#31daysofhalloween 🤡Products used:🤡
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officialsnazaroo - black and white paints (classic colours
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Contest entry : facepaintcom
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Film Review of Joker (2019): SPOILER ALERT

I never have a doubt about Joaquin Phoenix playing any role. I just believe he'll always do it maximally. He created his own Joker and I personally always love how his eyes look so alive that they show his emotions - his lively eyes also play a big role too in Joker. I'm also amazed by how relatable this film with the politic and social condition of today, despite of its past time background. I think it has a subtle message about the danger of divisive speech (from the upper class), disintegrated society, and the lack of empathy.

I found myself conflicted with whether I should condemn what the Joker did or not - since the film tried to provide the reasoning behind his act and it made sense, as well as close to the heart. I'm surprised by how his speech made me think "Dang, he's right about that." Yet I don't advocate violence either. So it is really the strength from DC films, the characters aren't completely good, yet aren't completely bad either - it makes them relatable.

The film successfully put us (the audience)  in the "society" position inside the story - it's about how we can perceive his humanity and his strangeness. The one thing Joker did effectively is pointing out the truth about how shitty we can live as society - the rich can be clueless, the classes below them can be vulnerable. Anyway, perhaps the most important message is - maybe we should question our values as society, and realize the "black and white" principles aren't effective anymore to prevent us from disintegration.

Personal note: Empathy is important to be integrated more to our society - don't wait until all of the people turn into monsters. If she/he is different than you, doesn't mean the person should be punished by your hatred. :)
#film #review #joker
Nice poster, is not it?

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