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National Museum Of American History
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Let’s see, 1. Smithsonian national museum of American History 2. Smithsonian national museum of natural history 3. Smithsonian pollinator gardens 4. Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. 
And I only took pictures of a bee, a Megalodon that snuck up on me, and some other Smithsonian garden that seemed ever so nice, so I considerer that to be a success for living in the moment. Besides who wants to see pictures of museums when you could see pictures of pie, which are coming, I promise. #livelaughlove #sorefeet #beesknees
Much anticipated opening this weekend, Ruby City art museum in San Antonio. Exciting news and cant wait to visit. It was the vision of the late arts patron and Pace Foods heir, Linda Pace. Designed by world renowned architect David Adjaye, whose buildings include the National Museum of African American History and Culture, with inaugural exhibition by Isaac Julien and works by Teresita Fernández, Do-ho Suh, Cornelia Parker, Andrea Bowers, Lari Pittman.
#RubyCity #artmuseum #LindaPace #DavidAdjaye #IsaacJulien #TeresitaFernández #SanAntonio
Oysters are often seen as a luxury food now, but throughout much of early American history they were so abundant that people from all classes regularly ate them. In coastal cities, you could have them on the street or in dingy bars for practically nothing. In late 1800s New York, a man named Thomas Downing built an empire out of an oyster bar. But here's the thing: he was a black man doing this during the era of slavery. Joanne Hyppolite, curator at the National Museum of African American History and Culture, shared Downing's story with Francis Lam. If their discussion makes you hungry for oysters, satisfy your craving with our recipe for Classic Creamy Oyster Stew.  #oysters #oysternyc #nycoysters #rebuildnyc #nychistory #rawbar #oystershucking #oystershucker #shucking #seafood
Spent the afternoon at the National Museum of African American History and Culture. •
This amazing visit highlighted my family roots starting with slavery, moving to segregation, then to pop culture and finished with modern day icons. Not only was the visit educational, but also empowering, diving deep into the richness and diversity of African American history. A must see if you're in the D.C area.
What an AMAZING weekend, saw some breathtaking things in DC!!!! Museum of National African American history and culture museum was truly powerful and got a chance to meet carlaphall from abcthechew 💕 can’t wait to go back🍃
It is time for a #throwback to yesterday when I visited the National Museum Of Nature and Science in Tokyo. I genuinely love natural history museums more than essentially anything on earth. I have attached to this post 8 of the best things I saw there. I will explain them in the same order you view the side show. 1. This is Matthew Turner (MT) with Hachiko, the dog that waited at Shibuya station for over 10 years after their master passed away. As well as being just a good story, he is also the inspiration behind the most famous episode of the American TV show Futurama. 2. This is MT with a Saiga Antelope. I really like Saiga Antelope. They are native to Mongolia, and are currently endangered due to a combination of hunting and mass illness. 3. This is a photo of MT representing humans in a phylogenies tree of how all living creatures are related. I am sitting comfortably in the Kingdom Animalia, however animals are only a small branch in all animals in existence (see for more details)
4. This is MT with the cross section of a tree that was 1600 years old when it was chopped down. 5. MT with the skeleton of a Paleoparadoxia. I didn’t know that this creature previously existed. They were really cute though. I love all large herbivores. 6. This was from the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency. It visited an asteroid and collected samples and the returned to earth. I think. There were a lot of space craft at the museum. 7. MT and a Thylacine aka Tasmanian Tiger. 8. T Rex model baby!
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