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if you stop telling your "friends" everything your enemy ...
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So I have been reading lately the book "shoe dog" & yes it was kind of a slow read for me but it was totally worth it.

In a nutshell "shoedog" is the memoir of Phil Knight the co-creator of the legendary nike

So we all know how great Nike is and what kind of values it stands for so I won't  be discussing much about that as you will know the story of Nike and how it all began in the book.

I will simply mention 20 lessons I personally learnt from the book

1)it is ok to not know where you are going as long as you keep moving

2)Having a support system of family, friends and co-workers is very important for your business success 
3)All problems will end at some point & nothing really causes permanent damage except the loss of a dear person. So don't make a big deal out of everything

4)Understand yourself & reassure yourself

5)Find a practical way to calm yourself in the most stressful situations

6)Know your business enemies & how to fight back

7)Understand your flaws & strength points 
8)Having a private business can and will drive you crazy

9)Read, read and read 
10)Never stop innovating your business idea

11)Focus on your targets and track them as easy as it sounds 
12)Learning how to negotiate is important 
13)Again it is ok to feel lost

14)Hard work will always pay off

15)Always have a plan B

16)You dont have to start big at anything, baby steps will eventually work 
17)Having a coach or a mentor is important

18)Parents will always be our number one supporters

19)Seize the opportunity as soon as you sense it

20) Always exercise 
I have really enjoyed the book. It is genuine and tells a good business story

Just do it and read it :) #books #shoedog #nike #book_review #bookworm #bookstagram
Well heeellloooo 40!!! 🎂I think we are going to have a lot of fun!! 🎉
News flash ⚡️last Sunday night I left my 30’s behind and woke up on Monday morning as a very happy 40 year old Birthday lady 🤩enjoying my weekend at the rather fantastic sohofarmhouse (this is me outside my little piglet room, which is very cute) where I got to spend my time having lots of fun with family, my boyfriend and some of my absolute favourite people who I totally adore.  I got spoilt like a Queen with loads of incredible presents 🎁😍🥰 and laughed non stop.  I feel very lucky to reach my 40th birthday feeling healthy, happy and full of excitement to enjoy my naughty 40’s as much as I can!!. Anyone worried about getting ‘older’ you need to seriously stop ✋ as I can tell you from experience that after going through my 20’s and 30’s honestly have nothing to worry about!! I spent years worrying about absolutely everything, when really there was really no need. The issue being my own critical mind releasing negative thoughts that made me feel that I wasn’t perfect enough!! Honestly the crappy stuff that goes through your mind that makes you think mega looow vibe thoughts about yourself is the worst thing for you 🤪 - the most of that being in my 20’s - which is crazy thinking of this now!! I spent more time looking in the mirror thinking negative things about myself than positive!! WTF!! This I now realise is just not a good idea!! What I learned ....and still keep trying to stick to is this is - Make your reflection in the mirror & your mind your best friend, not your worst enemy!! Be kind to yourself and not mean. We all need a good old pep talk every once in a while, but do not keep telling yourself & telling others or allowing yourself to think negative things about yourself. After many years of that, I’m now stepping into my 40’s being much nicer to myself 🥰 #happybirthdaytome #thisis40 #happybirthday #friends #sohofarmhouse #positivethinking #nomakeup #40isfab #celebrate #40 #libra
If you stop telling your friends everything your enemy wouldn’t know so much❗️🤷🏾‍♂️
Nice poster, is not it?

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