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I think we can agree that content, visibility and consistency is the key to a smooth business.

No matter if you are running your own business or you help someone to run hers.. (although that means you run your own too, right?) content creation seems to be a biggie.

At the beginning you don’t know what to share, later you learn share value, than you get lost in the process and scheduling and the content creation roller coaster, you want todo nice images like the others, great videos like the industry leaders, but in that effort you start to generate some clients and you leave the hustle of content creation behind.

You feel a little punch in your stomach when one of your client leaves and you realise you don’t have a new one in the pipeline because you fall off the content creation wagon.

So you try to get back, you write a post here and there, you got a new client referred and there it goes the consistency train again.

Believe me, we all have been there, done that, it is totally normal. The issue is that you never got into the habit of creation and scheduling. And even if you did it just felt sooo time consuming to creating content which is only seen by a couple of people and coming up with new ideas is harder and harder if you are in the business for a long time.

That’s where I watched, listened, created and started to implement my content repurposing process.
I shoot one video a week and from that I create all of my other content, like podcast, blog, newsletter, videos, quotes, infographics, short posts, long posts, workbooks if I feel like it.

I can’t emphasise enough how freeing it is to realise on Sunday afternoon after being offline for the weekend that posts are scheduled and I can start my week with ease and with other important things.

I went from 3% reach to 10% within 4 weeks on my Page and growing. 
If you would like to know the exact steps, grab your process sheet and watch the video where I walk you through the process. The exact steps I use in my and in my clients business?

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