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We live in a society where we are continually "invited" to know and love others, but ... Have you ever been proposed to know yourself or love yourself?
It is one of the most important and beautiful things of this life, at least for me.
we spend our lives lamenting that people leave our side but we never stop to meet that person who will always be there despite everything that happens. You. 
Who you are? Who you really are? Do you dare to answer this question?
Let me tell you that if you really intend to meet yourself, you will discover things about yourself that you didn't even know.
Let me tell you that if you really intend to love yourself you will achieve incredible things.
and oh, don't get overwhelmed, it's a process that takes time, everyone has their own, and yes, you're going to screw it up, we're all going to screw it up, but do it.
I only tell you that although the world is submerged in a thick darkness, that although everything around you is a real hell, only you are capable, and no one else, only you can choose to be that light that shines in the middle of the darkness or be One more star off.
Only you have the power to shine.
You will do it?
My 1-Year Single Life Experience:- The Recovery is out now!! How did I recover? I wish I had a real concrete answer to that
Or maybe I do, let me try to answer that question with my heart

When she left me, it was hard, I’m not going to lie
Especially cuz it was for a stupid reason that I still can’t wrap my head around
Like, you say you love me, right?
Then why were you pulling my legs? Or was it cuz you just wanted another bout?

Anyways, I’m not here to talk about her, I’m here to talk about me
That heartbreak brought about new things I hadn’t seen
I just threw myself into my books, other girls seemed foreign
I thought I wasn’t ever going to move on, and I’m saying this for real

I did meet one girl though, shoutout to you
You made me know that I still knew how to love, and for that I thank you
You helped me get back on track, even though you gave me a major setback
Luckily, at that point I had discovered how strong I was, and I immediately took my heart back

How did I recover? I basically took a step back from being human
It turned out to be effective, cuz I emerged from it as a new man
I suddenly started seeing opportunities everywhere I looked
I’m going to address it later, this isn’t the time to talk about the hotels I might have booked

You’re going through a heartbreak? Immediately understand that there’s nothing you can do about it
Move on from that person, cuz if you don't he/she is still going to have some power over you
Distract yourself, retain no longering thoughts about the past, move past it
Above all, meet new people, fall in love again, but make sure that new person isn’t just a rebound due…

Thank you for reading!! Anticipate the third part, "The Hoe Season🍆🔞" Link in bio!

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IG was a place I came to share my photography. Not questioning myself or my work. (Well lets be honest, I’ll always question my photography bc we are our own worst critics) It has now become a place where I implemented my photography into becoming an ‘influencer’, and sharing lifestyle things. (Which I am so very grateful for) IG is a powerful tool. It has allowed me to make some kind of job out of it. It has shown me that I’m not alone as a mom. Other moms have been through and experienced things I’ve gone or will go through. A place to share and meet other mamas. But it’s also become a place of ‘perfect squares’. A place where people’s lives are being perceived as perfect.

I think as a society we need to take a step back and remind ourselves that noone is perfect. IG is only what someone choses to show us. We need to remember that there is more to life then these squares.

I guess my reasoning for this is because I, myself have gotten wrapped up in the whole ‘influencer – Instagram’ thing. I would hesitate to post bc it didn’t look appealing, etc. I needed to stop myself. Although as a photographer, and influencer I’d like to showcase my best work, I also don’t want to put a persona on for everyone. I don’t want to pretend. Or showcase something that may seem ‘too perfect’. Not to say I won’t do this, but just to remember that it’s okay to post photos even if I don’t like the way I look, so on and so forth. This is real life.

Worrying about likes and engagement would take a toll on me to be honest. For what I do on IG engagement is key. And I truly appreciate all those who take the time to like, comment or even share my posts, stories. Etc. It truly means the world, and helps me help my family. One of the things I’ve grown to love about IG is the love you feel from people you personally don’t know. Getting great advice, recommendations and discovering  things & people I didn’t know. BUT we need to again be reminded it’s okay to be yourself. It’s okay to do your own thing. Take the advice, get inspired, buy some great recommended items, but always stay true to yourself. Don’t pretend to be someone your not for likes and society’s approval.
“I need to see it to believe it”, well you can’t believe everything you see now can you. You can’t believe everything you hear either. So how do you tell the difference between fantasy and reality? Easy, you don’t, you can’t. We’re all small creatures on a small planet in the middle of an enormous universe full of who knows how many other fucking species. The actual reality is that we don’t know anything. We created things so we could make sense of what we don’t know. Religion for example, the infamous unanswered question, “How did our world get created?”. We don’t know how, we fabricated an answer, we crave knowledge. Humans want to know everything, knowledge is our security blanket, how stupid. Hell we fuckin created SPACESHIPS just because the curiosity was killing us that badly, the curiosity killed the human after all. We wanted to know what we don’t. No matter what we do, we won’t know everything. The media spreads lies, we get confused and lied to, there are things that have yet to be discovered. Fucking awesome, a chance to put time into something that interests you. You want to know something is real? Find it out for yourself. You feel like you’re meant to do something? You won’t know if that’s true unless you try to find that out for yourself. There are certain things we can learn to be true. “But that’s effort, it’s hard.” Well boo fuckin hoo, WAKE UP, GET UP! I had a conversation with my friend __tinyvampire__ earlier today, we discussed how fear can control you, how it can stop you from doing things you want to or need to. It got me thinking, before you fucking know it you’re dead. Your time is short, go find out what you don’t know. Don’t fear the unknown, try to understand it, make sense of it. Embrace it, LOVE IT! #artsuckzz (I’ve started explaining my drawings, usually I don’t do this because I want people to interpret it but I’m trying out something new, let me know if I should keep doing this or not)
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