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I sit on the windowsill, patiently
Watching the rain pour
Drop by drop on the window
I conclude a race Between 2 drops
As they reach the bottom
My eyes glance at the street
A grey animal tied beneath some sheets
Sheets of leaves; a tree.
It's being soaked
Not much attention is given
I go on with my day
Walking through a crowded bazaar
It's a man i see
Sitting on the back of the same grey animal 
which is bizarre 
It seems like it's in pain
Seeing its doleful eyes 
I can't do much
I go on with my day 
Trying to choose between some clothes 
Im lost and i froze 
My mother asks me
What it is that troubles me
How do i tell her
It's a heavy heart I've got
How do i tell her
I think about the grey animal
Not twice but thrice 
I'm trying to feel the pain 
Of carrying a person on my back
not being able to talk or move 
Or being tied to a two wheeler
figuring out the reason why I'm the spot 
where humans throw stones
Or look down upon
And make fun of
Im trying to feel the pain 
Of this grey animal
who is suffocating 
who is suffering 
In silence 
From this worldly mistreatment 
But can only experience retreat 
From its tears
And even its cry for help
Is regarded as a noise
A noise which everyone seems to ignore

Im trying to feel the pain 
Of this grey animal 
This grey animal named donkey


I wanted to write this since a very long time. I honestly see donkeys everywhere and it breaks my heart to see them all tied up to gigantic and mass amount of stuff behind their backs. Twice their weight. Animal cruelty is so not okay. They're living and they can feel. I hope people would someday start being kind to these poor creatures.
Happy Earth Day 🌎🌿 this picture was taken in an exhibit that reused all its materials. I don’t talk about it enough on social media but I’m actually a huge advocate of environmental issues and today is a gr8 day to educate you all with a few facts:

1. We are literally using fossil fuels to solve the problems that fossils fuels created in the first place.
2. Oil is being forced and steamed out of what used to be forests — thousands of acres are destroyed and the animals that live there are dying/finding no refuge.
3. If we keep this up, by 2040 we will be able to sail through the North Pole.
4. Ocean levels are rising at an insane speed.. that means coral reefs are dying, it is destroying the ecosystem for the animals in the water, and lands are flooding.

Please take care of our planet!! We’re actually being given a window (a small but very very crucial window) to change our habits! Our temperatures are rising fast and yes — climate change is R E A L. I know that it’s superficial to speak about this through social media — especially as a consumer myself. But if everyone just took the time to make the small changes, it would make the biggest difference! Remember to turn your water off when you’re not using it, use reusable water bottles, take shorter showers, and always reduce reuse and recycle ♻️ #happyearthday
Nice poster, is not it?

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