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Lions Roaring
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Saturday night's all right for fightin' at Lion's Roar in the Bronxxxxxxx! Doors at 4pm—$25, cash only please. Action starts at 5pm.

Our resident fight model Malik will be holding down the 5th slot in the lineup, and our Alex will be jumping in for an exhibition as well. Come on out and support your friends and NYC Muay Thai!

2832 Valentine Ave.

1- Tommy (Diamond Heart) vs Chris (Lions Roar) Exhibition - 150/155

2- Mark (Colorado BJJ) vs Edgar (Harlem Boxing) Exhibition - 160lbs

3- Bader (NJMT) vs Simon (Red Planet) Sanctioned Fight - 140lbs

4- Will (Lions Roar) vs Allan (Camp Undefeated) Sanctioned Fight - 135lbs

5- Brian (Diamond Heart)  vs Alex Park (CHOK SABAI) Exhibition - 165lbs

6- Felix (Lions Roar) vs TJ (Red Planet) Exhibition - 170lbs

7-Malik (CHOK SABAI)  vs Kenny (NJMT) Sanctioned Fight - 155lbs .
Psalm 104:21
The young lions roar after their prey, and seek their meat from God.

Our spirit doesn’t have actual prey, we are “young lions”. We rely on God, because they “seek their meat from God” (His Word). Is what our “prey” is.(because we are young lions).
Our spirits being like a young lion, He is our caretaker and hears our spirits when they call to Him, 
Psalms 12:10
“the voice of our roaring"
So this just happened 😅 We were on our way to the tree behind the bird bath (you can see it to the right behind the lion) to put up a camera trap for the night as we heard the lions roaring in the river bed a little while before & wanted to see if we could catch any action during the night. As we turned the spot on to light our way, it turned out that this big male had beat us to it 😂 He’s now settled in a clearing next to the house & I currently have the privilege of lying in bed listening to his roar echo across the valley (Turn the volume up on the second video to hear). Sho! Feeling so grateful & lucky to have access to this piece of heaven on Earth 🙏🏼 My ultimate happy place 🤗❤️
In the midst of World War 3, a fighter pilot is shot down behind enemy lines and taken prisoner.

Upon reaching the prisoner encampment, the pilot notices three tents in front of him before he is approached by the enemy commander. "Prisoner! We will give you an opportunity to gain your freedom by completing three challenges in the tents behind me, which if successfully completed, you will be granted your freedom immediately. If you fail, you will be executed." The pilot thinks it over for a moment, and agrees to take a shot at the challenges in the tents. "In the first tent," the commander explains, "are two fifths of vodka. You must consume both bottles without succumbing to alcohol poisoning, and continue to complete the final two challenges immediately." The pilot replies "Hell, that's normal for me every time I'm on leave. What's next?" "In the second tent, there is a lion with a bad tooth. You must successfully extract the tooth after drinking the vodka without being mauled by the lion, and continue on to complete the final challenge.

The pilot anxiously agrees. "And the third tent?" "In the third tent, there is a woman who has never been sexually satisfied in her entire life. You must complete the first two challenges and satisfy the woman, at which time you will be released immediately." The pilot agrees and anxiously enters the first tent. After three hours, the pilot finally emerges, so drunk that he can barely walk. He is then guided to the second tent containing the lion with the bad tooth. 
After a brief moment of tense silence, the tent begins to shake, and the pilot is heard screaming and the lion roaring. After a few minutes of this, all falls quiet. 
Suddenly, the pilot stumbles out of the tent, bloody and mangled, and loudly exclaims - "All right! Where's that bitch that needed her tooth pulled?" #aviation #fighterpilot #f5 #badajoz #avgeek #avporn #pilot #poker
Nice poster, is not it?

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