Poster Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign, 2016

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Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign, 2016
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Throwback to April 2016, when the Sanders campaign in NY sent me to the Democratic Presidential Debate in Brooklyn. What an honor, and one of the coolest nights of my life. Tonight Bernie wasn’t on the debate stage, but MANY of the questions asked tonight were BECAUSE of him. In 2016, the $15/hr minimum wage, Medicare For All, Tuition Free College, massively increasing taxes on the 1% and a vast array of other proposals were considered CRAZY. Or just unrealistic.  Now - they’re THE Democratic platform and candidates are getting grilled about where they stand on these very issues. He is the reason we are where we are now and is the only way forward to defeat Donald Trump. Of that, I am certain. Elizabeth Warren was great tonight and I expect Bernie to have another fantastic debate tomorrow. #Sanders2020 #feelthebern #medicareforall #fightfor15 #dnc #democraticdebate #2016 #bernie #sanders #tuitionfreecollege #cancelstudentloandebt #foreversanders #nevertrump #lucky #happy #political #afuturetobelievein #debate #democraticdebate #tbt #throwback
Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders made his first campaign stop in Colorado for the 2020 race on Monday night. More than 10,000 people showed up to the rally outside the Colorado State Capitol to hear him speak. In 2016, Sanders received close to 60% of the vote in Colorado caucuses, beating eventual nominee Hillary Clinton. Photographed for gettyimages.
#berniesanders #bernie2020 #politics #copolitics #feelthebern #denver #denverphotographer #onassignment #co #colorado
Jack is a shining light and a champion of the people! Residents of the Tallahassee probably know her from her work preserving communities and protect them from gentrification, her support of local progressive campaigns, or her stroganoff potlucks.

I first met Jack nearly four years ago through volunteering on Bernie Sanders 2016 Presidential Campaign. I was 19 and passionate about the welfare of American people but new to the political process. She helped me, as she has so many others, connect to where I could make a difference. Whether it be through canvassing for politicians with people-oriented platforms or beginning a library at the Oasis Center For Women & Girls, she is unparalleled at rallying people together for the common good. I have met very few people as selfless as Jack.

Please give jackfortallahassee a follow and sign up to volunteer at (there are ways you can help even if you are not in Tallahassee) <3
Nice poster, is not it?

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