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Last Friday, Senator Elizabeth Warren vowed as president to terminate all federal private prison contracts, and to pressure local and state governments to do the same. “The government has a basic responsibility to keep the people in its care safe—not to use their punishment as an opportunity for profit,” she wrote in a Medium post.

Warren's plan also promises to regulate private companies' services in prisons and eliminate service fees for prisoners using basic services like phone calls, bank transfers, and health care. This goes beyond what has become an increasingly common call for abolishing private prison management, and attacks the routine exploitation of disproportionately poor inmates and their families.

Senator Bernie Sanders introduced the Justice Is Not for Sale Act back in 2015. In a plan not too divergent from Warren’s, the Sanders bill would have banned private prisons and increased oversight of private services operating in prisons. Other Democratic candidates, including Beto O'Rourke and Kamala Harris, have also previously called for an end to private prisons. One day after the release of Warren’s plan, even the moderate Joe Biden punctuated a speech at the South Carolina Democratic Convention with this line: “No more mandatory minimums, period. End private prisons.” Biden's call to end private prisons comes a few years after the Obama administration he served in attempted to do something similar, though much more cautiously. In 2016, after the Justice Department published a damning report finding that private prisons are both less safe and more expensive than publicly run alternatives, Obama announced a plan to gradually end private prison contracts with the federal government.

#DefundPrivatePrisons #DefundGEO #PrivatePrisonIndustry #PrisonIndustrialComplex
On Episode 17 we talk about Jeffery Epstein, who died by an apparent suicide and his relationship with The Clintons. Joe Biden's underlying racist remarks and The Democratic Party Race. How Elizabeth Warren moved ahead of Bernie Sanders to claim second place behind Joe Biden in the Democratic nomination race. Jay Z & The NFL, How Jay came in to benefit materially and directly from everything Kap risked, lost, and sacrificed. Nicki Minaj and her antics on Queen Radio. Is Hip Hop possibly a slowly dying genre because of the microwave streaming era we are in?
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I DON'T KNOW ABOUT ANYONE ELSE, BUT THE AMAZON RAINFOREST FIRE IS SCARING THE HELL OUT OF ME. IT AMAZES ME THE ATTENTION THE NOTRE DAME FIRE RECEIVED, WHEN LITERALLY THE FIRE DESTROYING THE AMAZON RAINFOREST. --THE LUNGS OF THE PLANET --IS BEING IGNORED. SENATOR BERNIE SANDERS (THE ONLY CANDIDATE WITH ACTUAL SOLUTIONS AND POLICIES) JUST ANNOUNCED HIS DETAILED GREEN NEW DEAL THAT WILL PAY FOR ITSELF. HIS PLAN IS BOTH VISIONARY AND PRACTICAL....*MEANWHILE AT THE URGING OF JOE BIDEN'S CAMP, THE MORALLY BANKRUPT DNC, JUST VOTED DOWN DEVOTING THE NEXT DEBATE TO CLIMATE CRISIS. ALL BECAUSE BERNIE WILL MAKE THE OTHER BOUGHT-CANDIDATES LOOK BAD. berniesanders PLEASE READ,SHARE AND VOTE #berniesanders #bernie2020  From His Intro:" Climate change is a global emergency... We are already experiencing the deadly consequences of our climate crisis, as extreme weather events like heat waves, wildfires, droughts, floods, and hurricanes upend entire communities, ecosystems, economies, and ways of life, as well as endanger millions of lives. The  scientific community is telling us in no uncertain terms that we have less than 11 years left to transform our energy system away from fossil fuels to energy efficiency and sustainable energy, if we are going to leave this planet healthy and habitable for ourselves, our children, grandchildren, and future generations. " *One last thing, the Amazon fires were deliberately set to violently remove indigenous people --the guardians of the Amazon-- from their land and turn it over to oil companies and cattle ranchers. Of course, deranged Brazilian president Bolsonaro supports this atrocity. Unlike Notre Dame, the Amazon can not be rebuilt. It cleans 20% of the world's oxygen supply.
My OFFICIAL nickname list for all current 2020 Democratic candidates. 
Tulsi Gabbard - Mommy Tulsi ❤️
Marianne Williamson - Orb Mommy
Elizabeth Warren - Grandma Cherokee
"Beto" O'Rourke - Beta Male
Jay Inslee - Glasses Guy
Amy Klobuchar - Kublai Khan
Cory Booker - Not Black Booker
Kamala Harris - Slave Owner Kamala (or Not Black Kamala)
Kirsten Gillibrand - Fake Catholic Bimbo
Bill de Blasio - Useless POS
John Delaney - Creepy Smile
Tim Ryan - Creepy Eyes
Bernie Sanders - Pinochet Option
Julian Castro - The Worst Option
Pete Buttigieg - Butt Cake
Steve Bullock - Steve (explicit)
Michael Bennet - ThE ShOrT BuS
John Hickenlooper - Michael Rosen
Joe Biden - Pedo Joe
Andrew Yang - AI guy

May God have mercy on our Souls.
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