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I don't like girls. Actually, I can't stand most of them [us]. These girls are a true exception. Maybe it's because we met online, or maybe it's because we all have similar goals and constantly build each other up, but I find it amazing how comfortable I am with these "strangers" and how much fun we have together!

Growing up I struggled with "fitting in"... Who am I kidding? I still struggle with it every day. With my self- image and worth, and trying to please other people. Girls are just the worst - I know you know what I'm talking about.

When I moved to Virginia for college, God graced me with the most perfect person/roommate for me and my life pamelaesr. Sophomore year we both rushed sororities to "get more involved". Of course, my sorority was more activities/philanthropy driven and was #notyourtypicalsorority in my eyes. I couldn't believe it but I actually felt like I fit in jmualphaphi.

After college, I moved back home to NY... I felt mostly alone again, minus a few good friends. I went out an animal, late nights and drinking all the time... but I was always comparing myself and trying to impress and it just sucked.

Fast forward to about 2015(ish) being overweight and unhappy with myself, I was looking for a change. I found it in a shaunt program, with the coaching and friendship of kristijramirez. She was again randomly placed in my life by something bigger than me and she has helped lead me to a happier place in my life.

I wish I had this community all along. Totally judgement-free and full of support and love and all working towards the same goals: self love, improving our own and other people's health, and financial freedom (to mention a few). #thiscouldbeyou
~𝓘𝓷𝓴𝓽𝓸𝓫𝓮𝓻 3/31~
Hey guys! I'm finally back! And guess, I am joining for the first time the inktober =D; for this I am doin the original list (insta don't let me out the full list image sad), i think the next year i will do my own list uwu.
Anyway, I am going to post every 3 days, 3 inktober's sketches, cause i don't want let this page be a spam page (and just some people unfollowed me ;-;).
The themes in these drawings are: 
1st) ring, i like this drawing, but, ew, i don't like it so much;
2nd)mindless, i just drawed a depressed girl manipulated by her mind (my drawings are a little bit difficult to get sad), i don't like too much it cause i did a lot of errors and used too much white uniposca to hide them ;-; (it dosen't work as you can see);
3rd) bait, i don't wanted to draw a fish, so i drawed a girl in a fish/mermaid suit on a theater, and I onestly like it uwu.
So, anyway, I have some news for you uwu! I started to do my stories in english, and i will soon translate all Riphey's story and oc's informations to english for let you all to read them =D. 
Anyway (i will say forever "anyway", sorry lmao) how are going your days? Mines are going to be good, and I'm so happy for no reason =D (I am a very sad person in my free time).I hope you will have a great day^^💕💞💖💗💓
Sorry for bad english lmao
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#art #artist #noobartist #noobart #traditionaldraw #inktober #inktober2019 #sketch #doodles #sketches #sketchbook #doodlesketch #doodle #colors #painting #paint #dreamart #pastel #colorsart #artcolors #ink #inkart #myartstyle #myart #disegno #disegni #anime #manga #asmr
See you in another post! ^^🌺💕
Commission for annpurin 💕 shes such a sweetheart and so understanding! Thank you so much for commissioning me ann 🥰 unfortunately ig wont let me post the full size image.. this took me so long to draw... Im getting slower and slower at drawing 😭 Im addicted to teamfight tactics at the moment so that doesnt help 😂 #art #artist #anime #manga #animestyle #mangastyle #sweet #style #digitalart #doodle #drawing #illust #illustration #kawaii #painting #semirealism #surreal #artistsoninstagram #cute #love #instaart #dailyart #portrait #cool #artistic #girl #dtiys #drawthisinyourstylechallenge #ipadpro
It´s the time for the most funny and weird scientist: the great Hanji Zoe!  I really wanted to draw this girl since long ago! ♥

The full size image will be available for the weekly rewards in Patreon

#manga #anime #sketch #pencil #charcoal #pastel #aot #snk #fanart #hanjizoe #clipstudiopaint #digitalart #sketchingforfun #Reenave #instaart #instaartist #patreon #patreonreward #patreonartist #shingekinokyojin #amazinggirl #amazingcharacter #Attackontitans
We are so excited to share our newest design in the shop: the face of an elephant.
Behind the Design:
Taken some distance away from its tribe and in isolation chained to a tree, the young elephant is brutally weaned from its mother. A giant chain linking a tender ankle to the trunk of a tree traps the elephant and no matter how desperately it tries to break free from its bondage, it cannot. Crying piteously for its mother, hungry and alone, the elephant begins bonding with the handler who chained it to the tree. Day after day, the elephant is fed, bathed, cared for by its captor. As the man and beast bond, the size of the chain is gradually reduced. Smaller and smaller still.  If you go to an elephant show in Thailand, you will likely see these gentle giants roaming freely, dragging behind them a small garden stake tied to their ankle with a small piece of bailing twine. It is the twine and the stake that make the captivity most insidious. 
If the elephant’s handler plants that stake in the ground, the elephant believes it cannot move. In fact, unless its handler comes back for it, the elephant will stay in the same place until it dies of dehydration or starvation. The elephant does not know its own power.
Survivors of human trafficking have been isolated, they have been brutalized. They have been nourished by and bonded to the ones who hold them in bondage. Red light districts around the world are full of young boys and girls who no longer dream of lives elsewhere. If they ever knew, they have forgotten that they are made in the image of God. Trained in some of the most brutal ways imaginable, these survivors do not know their own power. For adult survivors, the chains have gotten smaller over time, but their bondage has often grown greater precisely because they do not know that they are free.
We use the image of the elephant, not to suggest an equal correlation between humans and animals, but because the elephant reminds us of an untapped courage. The elephant is fierce, it is strong, it is gentle, it is meant to be free; so are we.
Get yours through the link in our bio.
U.F.O.: I'm not a cool kid, not a geek, not too artsy but not that academic, not that cute shy introvert girl but also not that funny extravert guy, not obsessed enough with one thing and not careless about anything. Not distant enough to ignore not open enough to respond to. Not sporty Spice not couchpotato, not the activist nor the pacifist. Not that painter, not that animator, not the graphic design hipster nor the cactus drawing illustration girl, not the comic type nor an abstract person. Not  simple enough to not overthink this and not smart enough to constructively make this work for me. Most of us do not fit in 1 box I know. But the number of boxes I can identify with is overwhelming and very confusing for me and my evironment. I notice it in how new people apraoch me. They usually don't. Because they don't know how. If they do its because I am wearing the right mask for the ocasion. But I hate that and I've decided to try & quit that trick. I am that adult acting infantile. I was that twenty yr old in that painting class full of ladies in their sixties. 
But I'm not hopeless. It was good to be back at the academy today for a moment. Sharing internship experiences. Seeing all those different journeys was very inspiring as well. I also met up with a fellow student from my own year mark_verdult who's conscious journy as an image maker has been almost as long as mine. We both struggle with our positions / role as image makers. He has a very unique and authentic style which has develloped strongly the over the last year or so. You could say his style has 'grown up' and now he is producing like a maniac. I am confronted with jealous feels of joy. But )) we all have our path and so do I. I am caring less and less about belonging somewhere in the future and more about being in the right place at the right time. Which can mean a variety of things. I am enyoing my internship very much. Having fun is what I learn to embrace more. Here and now. 
#infj #struggles #creative #journey #wdka #illustration #internship #adiosampleshoes #atarisocks #trainofthoughts #staringatyourshoes #inthetrain
Nice poster, is not it?

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