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Animated for Windows 7 - YouTube
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Guys, After my 6 years of experience for Learning and Developing video games, Now I think to start a Video Game Development Project in my beautiful country "India". I am thinking to make a game like PUBG or Fortnite, but it will be an Indian Version, You can say it PUBG India. I am thinking to used INDIA Map in the Game.I am thinking to make all the cool locations present in the Country India and use it in my Game. Pretty Cool Right!!
I am thinking to make this game alone. But if anyone wants to help me in this Project, who is in good in art, programming, animating etc. Feel Free To Contact Me. THIS GAME WILL NOT BE FOR GAMADDICT PROJECT. It will be my personal indie project. This Game will be available for Windows and Android.

If you have any idea about the game design, you can tell me in the comment section. If the idea will good then I will surely put it in my Game.

I will also make seperate videos for this Game updates and Development and post in Instagram, Facebook, YouTube etc. 
If you want to Donate me for the Game Dev. You can contact me in my email:, The Donaters will become the Part Of The Exclusive BETA Testing Team and they will get the game for free and before The Actual Releases of the Game.
(LINK IN BIO to high quality YouTube version as well as a look into my ANIMATION PROCESS!!) THIS WAS SO FUN!!!! I loved every second of working on this guy 😭 Really just wanted to play with acting and lip synching and I think it was pretty successful!! He has the attitude I had in mind :-) I’ve always wanted to animate a line from Hamilton, the actors give loads of emotion and Id love to do some more little snippets like this!! Maybe one day I’ll animate something that isn’t a cat haha 😁 swipe to see a couple of my favorite still frames. I really hope you enjoy!!! Animation done in firealpaca, edited in Windows movie maker. Audio is from Blow Us All Away - Hamilton the Musical. 54 frames running at 10 frames per second for 5.4 seconds of animation!
Nice poster, is not it?

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