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Anarchism and other essays
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What it means to me to be an Anarchist and to proudly fly the flag of Red & Black like many brave men and women who came before me. Taken from Chapter 3. ’The Psychology of Political Violence’ in Anarchism and Other Essays by Emma Goldman
This is an ode to a nostalgia. A nostalgia for a farewell state. (if a state at all)

Based on a greeting / an expression very commonly used predominantly in rural Maharashtra (Ask Kunbi Urban Migrants you know) by Shudras and Atishudras alike, the pagdi refers to Joteeba Phule’s interpretation of the same.

Joteeba Phule, in the Preface of the book ‘Gulamgiri’ (‘Slavery’ in English) investigates popular cultures. 
He writes, (…) “On the day of Dushara, the wife and sisters of a Sudra, when he returns from his worship of the Shumi Tree and after the distribution of its leaves, which are regarded on that day as equivalent to gold amongst his friends, relations and 
acquaintances, he is greeted, at home with a welcome “इडा पीडा जावो आणि बळीचें राज्य येवो “Let 
all troubles and misery go, and kingdom of Bali come.” Whereas the wife and sisters of a Brahmin place on that day in the foreground of the house an image of Bali, made generally of wheaten or other flour, and when the Brahmin returns from his worship of the Shumi Tree he takes the stalk of it, pokes with it the belly of the image and then passes into the house.”(…) More on King Bali could be found in Various upanishadas, Buddhist literature, or within modern discourses, in Phule’s ‘Slavery’ (1873) and in Dr. Ambedkar’s essay ‘Who were the Shudras’ (1946). King Bali in every literature stands secular, shramanik and a patron of production based economy.

Anarchism stands for relentless truth seeking, the Sabocat for a belief in any kind of sabotage and the blue antifascist flags as a homage to the Dalit antifascist movement.

Feel free to use, share, add, edit for revolutionary political / cultural purposes, don’t use for capitalising. :) #anarchism #socialism #indegenous #mythology #history #jotibaphule #dalit #antifascist #communism #maharashtra #india #pune
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