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I D Tell You To Kiss My
cute koala
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Okay, okay, okay... perhaps this will be the last one for a few days but c'mon - we look AMAZING and I can't help myself.

This picture is what happens when your photographer tells you to kiss with your teeth. Sounds weird, it was weird, but it turns into one of your favourite pictures from the evening.

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Chapter 27
Asher's pov
I walk away from kenzie. I'm missing Annie so much already I'm so so so stupid I hate myself so much I miss her like crazy I need her in my life
Annie's pov
Okay so I'm crying again lemme tell you why. We were going back and I knew that I couldn't live without Asher that was impossible so I told Johnny to take me back so I could forgive him. John asked me if I was sure and I said yeah. We went back and I saw something I never thought I'd see. So remember that nurse? Well basically I remembered that I've seen her somewhere and it but me that it was Kenzie. I was going through my photos and saw an old screenshot from a facetime. Remember Kenzie? My best online friend. She betrayed me like that. Asher said I was his girlfriend in front of her I was awake for a while and she definitely heard that I was Asher's girlfriend (even tho I wasn't but okay) I saw them kissing I repeat, kissing K.I.S.S.I.N.G I didn't wait a second longer I ran back to Johnny and cried I said I was sorry for being stupid he said I didn't need to apologize. I've been foolish, but that's gonna change soon. Anyway now I'm home Johnny snuck me in. mom didn't realize I was gone I feel okay, he hugged me and told me to call him whenever I needed him. I feel bad for him cos he liked kenzie. He definitely saw them kissing but didn't say anything. I'm so rude I didn't even ask if he was ok or thank him. I grab my phone quickly
A- johnnyyyyy
A- john please
A- this isn't about me
J- hey Annie is everything okay? 
A- yes I'm okay
J- is something wrong
A- no I just wanna say thanks for everything and I'm sorry about Asher the asshole (Me- it was really hard writing that)
J- aww Annie. I love u and it's okay
A- okay and ilym thanks so much for everything I don't know what I'd do without you I love u like a brother you're the brother I never had thank you thank you thank you <3
J- Annie, I don't know what to say. You're like the little sister I never had. I love you toooo
A- hehehe okay I just wanted to know if ur okay. 
J- okay, cya then remember any problems call me
A- okay big bro tehe bye
*End text*
I’ve rent this movie from GEO.
I was too scared of the terminator. 
Your future is in his hands←his message📩
And I’ll be back. 🚙
The music which played at the nightclub was good🎶 You’ve got me burnin’♪♪♪
Check it →#burnininthethirddegree  #TahneeCaineandTryanglz
▶️ #T800
▶️ #KyleReese
▶️ #SarahConnor
*****note to self*******
-Your clothes give them to me. 
-He’s got my gun. 
-Come with me if you want to live. 
-I’m going to need an ambulance. 
-Hold on.  Are you injured?
-I’m here to help you. 
-Assigned to protect you. you’ve been targeted for termination. 
-Pay attention
-It can’t be bargained with. 
 it can’t be reasoned with
-It doesn’t for you pity or remorse or fear and it absolutely will not stop ever until you are dead. 
-Can you stop it? I don’t know. 
-Talk to me some more
-Tell me about where you’re from
-Look at me I’m shaking. Should I tell you about your father?
-Will it affect your decision to send him here knowing that he’s your father?
-On your feet, move it!
-If you don’t send Kyle you can never be. 
God, a person could go crazy thinking about this. I suppose I will tell you. 
But if he doesn’t his father will beat him. 
#アーノルドシュワルツェネッガー #シュワちゃん #Schwarzenegger
Camera:Canon EOS kiss M 
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