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Kid Playing Outside
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Don't let this picture fool you, this dude has been high strung AF lately! Now typically he'd bark like, if someone was at the door, or if he heard something right outside the door (car closing, a dog, etc.), And usually only if he was downstairs near the door.. But lately EVERY single sound outside he's gotta lose his ever loving mind. Kids playing outside? Gotta lose your mind. Dog outside? Lose your mind. Car door closing way out in the parking lot? Lose your mind. Neighbors talking in the parking lot? You got it, lose your mind. What can I do to help him chillax? Does he need more stimulation? Is he being crazy over protective because baby is coming? I've tried correcting him but I also don't want to over correct because I honestly don't mind and like that he alerts me when someone is at the door. Constructive criticism/ideas please?! The constant barking at everything is driving me nuts and I don't want him to keep this up when baby comes and wake her up every 10 seconds. -Chewie's Mama 😬 #SOS
#autumn at pmfs1780
Where our kids play outside, where creativity and friendship reign, where childhood is preserved. This is and has always been a very special place. And I’m grateful I get to teach art to the little people to whom these boots belong. 
#artofteaching #artisteducator #turningoftheseasons #autumnleaves #cozyclassrooms #quakereducation #educationdoneright #thosewhocanteach
#Repost lethalshooter ・・・
Back when kids didn’t have SOCIAL MEDIA.. They didn’t take the time to compare likes on another persons page.. Back when kids played outside came inside with grass stains on their clothes.. When kids didn’t have cell phones at 8+ yrs old... Back when kids where in groups riding bicycles around the neighborhood ALL DAY until the street lights came on.. Back when kids weren’t exposed to the pages poisoning their brains but covering it up as jokes.. Back when kids didn’t see murders on social media to become senseless to it.. Back when kids actually played at recess instead checking the gram... Back when kids played TAG.. Back when kids played touch football in the street.. Back when kids learn social skills from communication not hiding behind pages.. Back when a KID could be a KID. Don’t let social media have you in a rush to be a adult. Enjoy your time as a KID. It’s the best time of your life. ❗️#RealTalk #LethalShooter
Sunday’s are my favorite. They always feel like a fresh new start. We have church, take a Sunday nap 😍, and the kids play outside for the rest of the day. We always eat out for lunch and eat leftovers for supper so I never have to cook! 🙌🏻 I meal plan for the week and map out each day’s to-do list to help me and my family have a successful week. (Enneagram 3 here. 😬) Praying for a miracle this week, that fall would decide to come to the south. 🤦🏼‍♀️🙄 Until then I’ll keep wearing fall colors and hope it gets the memo. Obsessed with everything I get from citrusandlemon! Use code GRACEWHILEWEWAIT for 15% off! Happy Sunday, Friends! #gracewhilewewait
No free time! 🎇
I hate it when I've got a lot of free time, I get crazy then. So that my ideal schedule has no gaps. I decided to reach some of my goals - work out in a gym and pass an exam to prove my level in french. I am thinking of giving english classes on an online platform and teaching russian. ⠀
I feel satisfied when parents of my children at school ask a feedback of the day. I've got a chance to stay useful and remarkable. Then I noticed that for me it's not a big deal to get fun with kids playing outside and realizing different activities during the whole day. The most important is that I am not idle. ⠀
How about you? Your week is full of gaps or you hate free time as I do? ⠀
Никакого свободного времени!⠀🎇
Ненавижу, когда у меня много свободного времени, я начинаю сходить с ума. Поэтому в моем идеальном  расписании нет пробелов. Я решила реализовать несколько своих целей - заниматься в зале и сдать экзамен по французскому для подтверждения своего уровня. Я подумываю о занятиях на онлайн платформе и преподавании русского.⠀
Я чувствую себя довольной, когда родители детей хотят слышать обратную связь о прошедшем дне в школе. У меня есть шанс остаться нужной и заметной. Ещё я заметила, что для меня не составляет особого труда целый день развлекаться с детьми на улице или выполнять разные активности. Самое важное, что я не сижу без дела.⠀
А как у вас? В вашей неделе полно пробелов или вы также как и я ненавидите свободное время?
Nice poster, is not it?

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