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Quotes About Life And Happiness
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“I’m perfectly imperfect”. Want to tell you about a little tool that’s helping me stay sane and a bit more mindful in my travels. It’s my calendar of happy things.
Last year I bought a calendar in Amsterdam that was titled “My perfectly imperfect life”. It’s a very cute 2019 calendar with adorable illustrations and light hearted quotes about life. I started to use it as a sort of a diary where I write down the coolest and most important thing of the day in it (post factum!).
I use colorful pens and cute stickers for it, and I carry it all with me across the continents, packing and unpacking it for every move I had this year, in Sri Lanka, Russia, Switzerland and Georgia.
It may seem like a little simple thing, but it truly brings joy during hard moments, and writing things down there because a grounding ritual for me. Also it’s super cute to look back on the pages and see how much fun I’ve actually had in these months, even those that seemed tough!
Do you have a tool or small practice you can share to help out with getting though life just a little lighter? 🌟Please share with me, I will appreciate it a lot!
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It’s sort of fitting that my 25th birthday fell on a Monday since I have heavily got into meditation and Meditation Monday has become a mantra of mine. 
Anyways, I made it to a quarter century, and within the last quarter of my 24th year I began to change my perspective and approach to life. Through meditation and solitude, I’ve discovered almost all problems that are self induced can be solved simply by slowing down. I read a quote recently that said “ whenever I am impatient, I ask myself why I am in such a rush to get through my life “. In such, I’ve decided to change my life  and align myself with the things and priorities that actually matter to me. 
I quit all my “9-5” jobs, I have given away my house, sold almost all of my belongings, given away my artwork, and donated the remainder to homeless or charity. I now own about 10 shirts, 5 or so pairs of shorts, one jacket, workout shoes, sandals, and a pair of jeans (just in case I have to get snazzy). I promised myself that I would never do a single thing I didn’t want to do or that didn’t line up with my values ever again. I’m focusing on entrepreneurship and self improvement full time and I’ve been holding true to that and I feel blessed and liberated. Thanks for all the birthday love ! Please join me on my journey and I pray and hope and wish for your own personal success, happiness, and liberation in the near future. I want to give a special thanks to my mentor, coach and a few role models iamnursemo , kasiagalica , danielnorris18 , dylanwerneryoga , portal.ido , willsmith you’ve all inspired me to take this leap and bet on myself through your kindness, words, and/or actions. I would not be at this point without you 🙏🏾🦋. #BeFree #LiveFree #BetOnYourself
. ..My 2018 Best Nine on instagram 🌈💛 Keeping a Kind Heart, Spirit-filled Life, and Living with Full of Dreams & Hope in our hearts. 
I hope to paint and share more, and be an inspiration, too. Name arts, Bible verse, Positivity quotes were included on this 2018 spread and I'm happy that I'm able to share these. 😊 
Always remember to:
Dream Big. 
Believe in Your Dreams.
Live your Dreams. 
Always Keep The Hope -may it be in personal, family, work, and relationships. 
What I am hopeful about my Family, too, is to become more resilient at all times, and to be able to spend quality time and cherish them always -capturing smiles amidst of daily challenges, having full determination to fulfill every personal & family goals, and be prayerful & always reminded of what's important (that LOVE must always be present.) 😊

In everything that we hope for, let's be reminded to: • Be joyful in Hope. • God Keeps His Promises. 
If you're reading this, THANK YOU for being a part of my 2018! 😊 Cheers to a New Year, New Beginnings, More of painting, gifting, sharing, and just being YOU. Always. 🎨🖌 Hope to continue to live a Life in Hope & Colors. 🌈 #2018bestnine #heartilyHandwritten
The trouble is, you think you have time. The thought is chilling when you think about it. This quote really resonates with me. The thing is, none of us is guaranteed another day, another year, even another hour. All we can do is live the best life we can and love those who are dear to us today. 
Needed a break from all the flourishing study I’ve been doing lately. Sometimes you have to indulge in pure joy. There’s something about lettering and drawing these little vignettes that makes me so happy! (Thank you, heathervictoria1) 
I’ve noticed a happy coincidence lately (as I’ve gained a little experience with my calligraphy): when I’m working on a technique (ie, flourishing) to the exclusion of other elements of calligraphy, I worry that I’m losing my skills in other areas. But it seems that when you work to improve in one area, you improve in other areas too. When I worked on Old English, my italic improved too. Studying flourishing has improved my Copperplate. How is that possible? Has anyone else experienced that? Is that muscle memory? Maybe I can quit worrying now about neglecting the areas I’m not studying? Or maybe I’ll go back to the Old English or italic tomorrow and be a beginner again! Whoever shows up, I’ll still love doing it!! #copperplate 
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#mccafferysink #winsornewtonminiaturebrush
Be free to live the life of your dreams... I’ve recently started a new job, and I’m about to start a new school. I feel so free and happy!! I’m following what I’ve daydreamed about since I started my theatrical journey and I’m so thrilled!! #gonnabeagoodlife #dreams #biglife #oprahwinfrey #quotes #inspire #live #sueños #sonríe #actor #actorslife #goals
There was a time when I use to look in the mirror and look at everything that wasn’t good enough , I’d tell myself “oh shit , I guess I just have a really low self esteem. But once I get my body like ___ (insert Instagram girl here) THEN I will finally love my life and be happy”....
AAAH there’s so much going on with that statement, I want to say so much - this honestly gets my gears going ! But I also can’t make this a novel so bear with me ... Statements like this are SO NORMAL.
My biggest problem with it is that I’m giving myself critical messages , I’m comparing myself to others and putting all my happiness into one basket.  One thing that has helped me change my perspective entirely is this quote which I am about to share with you to hopefully change your perspective on the word “self esteem” that I hear so many people using, try replacing it with “self compassion” and here’s why:
“Self-compassion is emphatically not self-esteem. Self-esteem is about self-evaluation, your perceived value as a human being, which is often contingent upon your sense of personal success in comparison with others. Self-compassion, by contrast, is unconditional and nonevaluative. We can have self-compassion when we’re doing well and when we’re struggling—because life has treated us harshly or because we made a mistake.” - Emily Nagoski
Everyone is going through their own challenges and meaningful life experiences. When it comes to fitness especially , try to treat yourself with some self-compassion. This is YOUR journey and it will evolve how ever it is best for YOU. Changing your mindset this way can be helpful.
That’s my rant for the day, much love ♥️
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