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The Lego Movie
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Lucky enough to have made some concept art for The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part way back in 2016. So excited to see my first credit in a film! 
I’m really proud of the work we made together and hoping to be able to share some of it soon. #legomovie2
Ha Ha 😆 I had so much fun watching The LEGO Movie 2 “The Second Part” thelegomovie yesterday night with my family for a Birthday celebration! I really grown to love this new movie and lots of turns and plot twists were definitely unexpected! 😁 One of the main reason why I wanted to go and watch this movie is also because when I had turned 10 years old all the way back in 2014 when the first Original LEGO Movie came out I got to go and see it with my family so it really meant a whole lot to me that I got to have that similar experience again for my 15th Birthday! 😄😊💜👍 #thelegomovie2 #thelegomovie #lego #movie #thether #15yearoldgirl #birthday #february #15 #10 #2014 #2019 #happy #emmet #legoemmet #legolucy #wildstyle #legowildstyle #fun #exciting #15thbirthday #happybirthday
A bit different from the usual, slide 1 is a very small set from the LEGO movie with the mechanical pirate, metal beard. The crab mech was kinda cool, so I decided to make it into a way bigger mech with a huge mini gun and sword.
Hey Take Five Friday is back! We want to share FIVE of all our time favorite movie quotes! It was so hard to narrow it down😬⠀
* “Chancho sometimes when you are a man, you wear stretchy pants in your room, just for fun!” -Nacho Libre⠀
* “Mmm this corn hand shucked?” -What About Bob (yes, we say this EVERY time we have corn on the cob)⠀
* “You’re killin me smalls” -Sandlot (Our Dad may say this quite often)⠀
* “Fix yourself a dang quesadilla” -Napoleon Dynamite (who doesn’t quote this movie?!)⠀
* “I only use black and sometimes very dark shades of gray” -Batman in The LEGO Movie⠀
What are some of your favorites?⠀
Nice poster, is not it?

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