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Don Williams And So It Goes
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If there is one thing I would suggest doing it would be to take care of your liver!

When I got diagnosed with cancer, and was in my first round of chemo my liver was under attack. The tumors that covered it and the poor diet I had over the past decades of my life put me in a very tight situation. I needed to receive 5 blood transfusions, I was told I would likely need transfusions during my entire treatment. started doing research and read that Anthony Williams medicalmedium suggests people drink celery juice to help flush out toxins and restore the powerful organ back to its full potential. We started juicing immediately after getting home from my first round of chemo. For me, the results truly speak for themselves. Within days my urine was free of blood, my energy started to return, I was healing from the chemo after every session, and most importantly I never needed another blood transfusion!

It’s really easy to do... Juice the celery until you get at least 16 oz, it usually takes one full stalk. The most important thing you do is drink this on an empty stomach. It is suggested that you drink 16-32oz of water, wait 30 min and then drink the juice. After the juice, I wait 30 minutes before eating or drinking. The point is not to dilute the nutrients in the celery so you can receive all the benefits. I do this everyday, but you can start small and try to incorporate it in your diet two or three mornings a week. I even suggest people eventually try a 7-30 day challenge! We notice setting goals or doing it with someone else keeps you accountable. Don’t quit just cause you missed a day, no one is perfect! It’s all about making our health the priority and living our full potential.

Hundreds of thousands of people are seeing benefits from this. It’s helping people heal from injuries, autoimmune disorders,  fatigue, adrenal stress, digestive issues, eczema, high blood pressure and the list goes on!!! #medicalmedium  #cleanse #detox #celeryjuice #healthyliverfunction #healfaster #feelwhatcleanenergyislike #liveyourlife #bethebestversionofyourself
DUNCAN-WILLIAMS, has revealed that he is a constant victim of betrayal and ingratitude from people who benefit from his selflessness and benevolence.
He disclosed that in many instances, he has been rewarded with ingratitude and betrayal by people he went out of his way to help.
He said “I have dealt with a lot of betrayals. Heavy betrayals, ingratitude especially from people you go out of your way and help them, bless them, and impart their lives. People that know that without you and your contacts, and the opportunity you provided them they wouldn’t have stood up in life and no one would listen to them,” He added that apart from showing ingratitude, they even go to the extent of trying to HIDE THE FACT that he once helped them.
“They don’t even want anyone to know that you were ever used to bless them. And the next thing is to stab your at the back. And they don’t want to even know that they know you. And they get offended that you were the one that was used by God to help them find their way. 
That offends them! And that hurts them that they didn’t make it on their own; that they made it through your contacts So they have to find a way to silence you and wipe you out so that the record that you were used to help them will never be there. Betrayals, ingratitude of the highest order,” he explained.
He however stated that betrayals and ingratitude have not deterred him from continuing to help and support people because helping people is the essence of living.
Asked how he deals with betrayals and ingratitude, he responded that he goes through “MASTERING" which helps him to recover and keep helping people.
“You learn MASTERING. You master it. Because if you don’t master it, it will kill you. It will stop you from helping others. 
But you have to KEEP HELPING PEOPLE because that is the essence of living,” he noted.

* Help people without expecting anything in return from them. Your reward will come from sources you don't know.
* Learn to master ingratitude and betrayal from those you helped by making sure you are not bitter at them.
* Always count it a PREVILEGE that you were only used by God to help
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