Poster Kids Playing On The Street

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Kids Playing On The Street
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The house I grew up in during my early years in Dorchester, MA. Notice in the second pic the same railing pole.
My dad was stationed overseas, and my mom, my sister, my 2aunts, and my grandmother all lived in this house together 🤦‍♀️
This was a neighborhood where kids played in the streets, people sat on the porch and visited with neighbors, families had one car, kids walked to school, and if you needed something from the store, you either walked🚶🏽‍♀️, or rode the subway 🚞. There was no such thing as fast food, we all ate together at the dining room table, Sunday dinner was a huge meal that lasted forever (I hated it), and grandparents had the last least mine did!
I just found this pic, and it brought a flood of memories back! .
What are some of your favorite childhood memories?
#growingupinmass #memoriesicherish #streetball #tripledeckerhouse #frontporchsitting #onecarfamily #ridingtheT #homecookedmealsdaily  #nofastfood #sundaydinner🍴 #nannyruled #housefullofwomen
It’s crazy how the small things in life matters the most💯 I rode by these kids playing in the street & they was not paying attention. Most people would’ve rode by the kids & told them get they bad a**** out the street &  kept it pushing. But I rode by & told them be careful so don’t none of y’all get hit, they responded ok. They all looked no older than 8 & I told them to watch out for each other. They began to tell me how they are all siblings & its 8 of them all living in one house. So I asked did they want ice cream & they whole mood changed off that so I went & got them ice cream sandwiches & brought it back to them. It’s crazy how that simple ice cream sandwich made those kids day. As individuals we don’t always realize how blessed & fortune we are until we meet individuals whose situations are way worse than ours. Leading by example will get you places in life, I could’ve rode by & told them to get out the street & kept it moving. But  I chose to help them cause our younger generation is looking up to us so me helping them  by doing something positive that  will cause them to do something positive & help somebody else & if that cycle continues then the crime rate will decrease & the world will go way smoother💯 - CrispyCam
The looks I get when I'm cruising taking photos or shooting videos always hold too much that needs to be talked about.
There is this judgement and look down by "Mature" people of all ages for being reckless, irresponsible young kids playing on the streets with their boards and cameras, telling us to grow up, to go get a job, to stop playing it cool, that we are not in Europe.. the thing is, I always feel some jealousy and hate behind it, not of possessions no, but of spirit, Stepping out and doing unusual shit on the streets of a society where everything is taboo isn't easy, holding back and following the route that is already set is easy. And there's this other kind of looks, those who are curious, passionate for life, it's either a thumps up, a honk, or a full conversation with them. Making our days a notch better. What I'm trying to say is, don't be that asshole who talks shit about everything that is strange to him, it goes a long way in life.
Moving to Mexico has been one of the best things we have ever done for several reasons. My babies are so happy. They get to act like kids again. We get to enjoy this view EVERY 👏🏼 SINGLE 👏🏼 DAY 👏🏼 We get to live a more relaxed life, which in turn means more family time. We are learning a new language and are spending time immersed in a colorful culture. People ask me all the time if I feel safe here: YES! 100%!! Even safer than I did in the U.S.! There aren’t cameras on the street corners watching your every move. Kids play in the street and neighbors watch out for each other. Everyone is kind and says hello and uses good manners. My only regret is that we didn’t do this a long time ago. ❤️
joy & journee eating fresh cotton candy, and boys playing on the street in brownsville 💖 for nytimes block party project
earlier this summer, a gunman opened fire during a block party in the neighborbood, killing one man and injuring 11 others. "Brownsville gets a bad rap," said Katie Scarboro, who organized the family day on Blake Ave. "But it's good to see the kids smiling, you know? I just want the rest of the day to go peaceful."
Sitting out in the front yard enjoying our Halloween projectors and Halloween decorations with dinner on the pit. The girls pumpkins are lit up. Kids don’t have school tomorrow so they’re playing in the street. (dead end no worries) & small subdivision listening to music.
Nice poster, is not it?

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