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Lego Movie
cute koala
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Ha Ha 😆 I had so much fun watching The LEGO Movie 2 “The Second Part” thelegomovie yesterday night with my family for a Birthday celebration! I really grown to love this new movie and lots of turns and plot twists were definitely unexpected! 😁 One of the main reason why I wanted to go and watch this movie is also because when I had turned 10 years old all the way back in 2014 when the first Original LEGO Movie came out I got to go and see it with my family so it really meant a whole lot to me that I got to have that similar experience again for my 15th Birthday! 😄😊💜👍 #thelegomovie2 #thelegomovie #lego #movie #thether #15yearoldgirl #birthday #february #15 #10 #2014 #2019 #happy #emmet #legoemmet #legolucy #wildstyle #legowildstyle #fun #exciting #15thbirthday #happybirthday
Lucky enough to have made some concept art for The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part way back in 2016. So excited to see my first credit in a film! 
I’m really proud of the work we made together and hoping to be able to share some of it soon. #legomovie2
psa the new lego movie pt2 is ... wow,, don't watch it high
anywho, this is going to be really sappy so continue on if you please.
I haven't felt happy in a really long fucking time, the past year just sucked n I contemplated suicide so much it just became a daily sequence but the day my boyfren came back into my life was hella refreshing. I truly dunno what I would do without him, he's helped me feel so much better about myself n actually want to be alive in almost 2 years. I've beaten myself up for almost 5 years straight, n to remember each day that I have someone by my side no matter what is so flipping relaxing. Dylan, I appreciate you so darn much,, I know things have been rough this last month but if you wasn't apart of my life I'd definitely be dead. I love you with every piece of my being 💕🌻🐝
شايد كتاب ست گراهام اسميت همان چيزي است كه مخاطب نوجوان (و حتي بزرگسال) واقعا به خواندنش تمايل دارد!  بستري كه از قصه هاي اشراف زادگان بريتانيايي با تمام ويژگيهاي اصلي اش حرف ميزند اما در عين حال اصلا كسالت آور نيست، چرا كه اقتباس گراهام اسميت به دنبال اين عاشقانه ي اصيل انگليسي، جهان زامبي ها را هم براي مخاطب به ارمغان آورده است. ما خانواده ي بنت به روز شده اي را تجسم ميكنيم كه براي بقاي خود در دنياي بينهايت زامبي ها، هنرهاي رزمي و تمرينات تيراندازي را فرا ميگيرند! اتفاقي كه مشابه آن را به گونه اي در بازآفريني روايت آبراهام لينكلن توسط گراهام اسميت شاهد بوديم؛ نويسنده اي كه به واسطه ي كار با تيم برتون در فيلمهاي "Dark Shadows" و دنباله ي جنجالي "Beetlejuice" و نيز نوشتن متن انيميشن "Lego Movie"، حال به تسلطي شگرف در حيطه ادبيات فانتزي Young Adult دست يافته است. "غرور و تعصب و زامبي ها" پارودي عاشقانه ي ترسناكي است كه وسوسه ي خواندنش براي تمام سليقه ها انكارناپذير است.

غرور و تعصب و زامبي ها
ست گراهام اسميت
بهنام حاجي زاده
انتشارات باژ
+١٤ سال
Привітаємо маленьких захисників разом!
Лови у Чудо Острів знижку -20% на будь-який набір* LEGO до Дня захисника України у Чудо Острів!
*Під будь-яким набором ЛЕГО мається на увазі будь-який артикул ЛЕГО в кількості не більше т
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- Lego Movie.
Період акції: 09.10.19 - 14.10.19.
A bit different from the usual, slide 1 is a very small set from the LEGO movie with the mechanical pirate, metal beard. The crab mech was kinda cool, so I decided to make it into a way bigger mech with a huge mini gun and sword.
Nice poster, is not it?

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