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Quotes About Life And Adventure
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“Look down and you miss the beauty, look up and you trip and fall.” Quote about life and trail running. 
Did a 19 mile loop today in Mammoth, northbound on the PCT and southbound on the JMT. 
I rolled my ankle and went down hard at mile 13.5. I knew immediately that the ankle was done in (pic 4). jordanramos found a couple good sticks for me and I hobbled 5.5 miles on technical terrain out of the woods and back to the car (pic 5). The day didn’t go as planned, but it was an adventure in one of my favorite places, and not a bad way to spend a Monday. 
Hopefully be back at it in a couple weeks 🤙🤙🤙
#2 Wild Edge of Faith-Transition

Certain truths can be learned, it seems, only as one is sufficiently emptied, frightened, or confused.
~Belden C. Lane

Part of me wants to save this quote for later on in the series, so I don’t scare readers. Yet, I need the reminder transition, life in the wilderness, comes fraught with edges that cut. We get respites and beauty, but liminal space prepares us for what comes next. And whatever that is, there will be growing pains to get there.

Before I jump into more of my personal narrative, I want to say a few words about the photos accompanying this series.

I’ll include photos of the ruins of ancient communities I visited on my recent pilgrimage. The original communities who lived there abandoned their homes or religious establishments for reasons we sometimes know and others remain a mystery. New communities came and peopled those sites. Often the turnover happened more that once.

The land transitioned, the homes and monastic communities transitioned from one form into another. All the while the people found new ways of being in the world.

I’ll add photos of the northern hemisphere as we transition from one season to another as well as  photos of the ocean transitioning from ebb to flow tide. And there may be other subjects that have yet to catch my attention. That’s part of the mystery and adventure of transition, discovering surprises that delight along the way.

Back to the quote.

I want to encourage you, dear reader, even as I take a deep breath.

Emptiness, fear or confusion is not a sign you’re in the wrong place or doing something that doesn’t align with God’s desires. It could be quite the opposite. Those emotions could tell you the road ahead is going to be nothing like you ever dreamed, tough, but oh so worth the journey.

#wildedgefaith #transition #beldenc.lane
the perfect day, featuring “the office.” had to do something epic for one of my closest friends on his bday so I took him on an office quote trivia & filming location adventure surrounding the love story of jim & pam. a common theme of the office is that life is about enjoying every moment n finding beauty in simple pleasures.. not worrying about “what is” or “what will be” b/c life and love will find its way. just love... & indulge in every moment that brings u a sense of peace & comfort. yes, there will be bumps along the way, but it all leads to genuine happiness. in the words of my good friend, “the office is better than perfect, because it’s real life.” couldn’t agree more. happy bday man, u the best. •
Yes it is. 
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Everyday I think about endo and the strain it places on so many parts of my life, my husband works literally to pay my medical bills. This shouldn't be a reality at 25; we should be spending money on amazing adventures not constant hospitalizations.
This year alone I've had over 10 hospitalizations. How is this living?.
I shouldn't have to plan my sex life around a time that I can then spend days after to manage the pain flare that will come. I shouldn't have to be scared to eat a slice of pizza incase my stomach is going to flare from it. I shouldn't have to feel guilt everyday that I can't provide for my husband like he provides for me. I should be able to grocery shop without almost throwing up from pain.
I should be able to just book holidays without having to make sure I can have all my pain relief with me and have a second bag decicated to "just incase".
Yesterday while I was grocery shopping I stopped and just wanted to cry. I couldn't be present in the moment because I was in so much pain and had the worst nausea, it upset me because all I wanted to do was my  daily tasks without thinking about my pain.
Today I have struggled to stand for more than 10 minutes without my body wanting to drop from the pain going through my pelvis. 
This isn't just a "painful period" this is literally nearly bringing me to my knees from pain. It is so mentally draining not knowing what your body is going to do from one day to the next.
Today I'm just mad, mad at my body, mad at endo and mad at the lack of awareness and treatment for it and every impact it has on our bodies.
I always try to have a positive mindset but sometimes the reality has no positive and that's okay. Life isn't always an inspirational quote, sometimes it's really hard.
#spoonie #spoonies #spooniesisterhood

#endometriosis #adenomyosis #endo #endowarrior #awareness
#fuckendo #endopain #endosisters
#endoawareness #endometriosisawareness #endometriosis #excision #endomarch #endomarchlv
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