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Quotes About Life And Happiness
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I've always imagined sitting with someone on the rooftop at night and just talk about what you feel and what they feel about life and just understanding each other with no obligations and whenever I feel anyone could be that person, I get attached and I kinda guess It's something I shouldn't do but the idea of it makes me smile when nothing is right.
Imagine talking to someone who understands your fears.. "the conversation changed from fears and hopes and dreams to things that made you happy"
And then I think maybe I'll never be able to experience that in real. ~reflectionsrandom



















04 July 2014
Photo: Palm Beach Island, Florida🌴
Shot: Canon 70D📸

This picture came to mind after reading the following poem the other day; “Joy?
Happiness Itself?
The Great One?

There may be a term,
you think,
but you don’t know it,
you can’t say it
you can’t buy it
you can’t sell it
you can’t try it
you can’t smell it.

What you do know, very well,
is that the love you have known ends
that friends leave
that relationships sour
that death awaits…

It can’t be true,
can it, that Love persists,
that Love exists,
that you continue on and on 
to resist
the truth and depth 
of loving Love,
which takes nothing more 
than choice?

Just a voice
in the wilderness
in the cities
in your beds
in your board rooms
in your stores
in your hedge
in your garbage
in your treasures 
in your mind.

All you have to do is drop
everything that binds.
And then just find
da kind
of Love that made you Be
that makes you free
that leads you through 
this mystery.” I believe it fits perfectly with this image of this old man. Even though I am sure there are many… 
He reminded me of elderly people who may or may not wonder about life and death. About love, happiness, regrets, relationships, and all their previous life experiences. 
He fascinated me at the time and I felt deeply moved by his presence. 
Maybe he had a wife? Maybe not.. He simply sat there and had no distractions, except perhaps in his own mind, but seemed to arouse a feeling of complete relaxation into the world around him.  It was clear there was something fundamental missing in our present day and age. 
If only our children could receive and be touched by this message from a very young age. Remaining seated their whole life in this surrender without being distracted by a phone or temporary pleasures. 
Of course, Love exists. It is the support and foundation of the Universe. 
However, we tend to place so much of ourselves onto love, that we miss the true essence of the meaning of Love, Happiness or Truth..#nikontop #earthfocus #discoverearth #wildlifelovers #exploretocreate #natgeowild #quotes #quote #photoshoot #photography #travelphotography
Hi guys! I’m at just about the heaviest weight I’ve ever been! About a year ago I gained 15kgs pretty rapidly, when I was finally recovering from anxiety and depression that had been dominating my life for some time. I’m sure lots of you know that anxiety can really keep the weight off a person - I’d been pretty skinny since my anxiety first got quite bad around age 11. I wanna make the point that skinny for me didn’t equal happiness or confidence or any kind of superior state of being, despite what every diet product advertisement and annoying Kate Moss quote tries to convince us. In fact, the 10 or so years I was skinny were probably the toughest of my life, where I was very insecure and often quite unwell. Compliments I got on my body only made me feel more uncomfortable, because it made me feel like I was constantly being looked at and assessed by others – definitely NOT a healthy state of mind for a teenage girl. Now, despite my weight gain, because I’m in a great place mentally, I’m more comfortable in my body than ever. I see my body as cool and cute for what it is, not like an object or something that I need to be hyperaware of. I’m saying all this because I know, despite the advances we’ve made socially, that most women still desire a skinny body. HELL, it feels controversial for me to even post this and publicly talk about weight gain without shame attached to it. But it is just absolutely PAINFUL for me to see nearly all the absolutely amazing, kind, hilarious and intelligent women I know look at themselves in the mirror and make negative comments about their body. To watch them be so distracted by the garbage society feeds us about how we should look, that they don’t even notice what amazing women they are. So I’m not sure if sharing my perspective will make any difference to any of you, but I want you to know that if you feel bad about yourself and your body, being skinny won’t make you feel better. It sure as hell didn’t cure any of my problems. Insecurity is a process happening up in your brain - and if it runs really deep, no aesthetic change to your body will help it. TRUST ME. You deserve to feel happy and confident no matter what you weigh!!!!
Met one of my idols, #garyvee 
Experienced #tonyrobbins live.
Seen me on #grantcardone 's IG
Questioned #sylvesterstallone !
Connected with #naveenjain & resonated with #trentshelton 's quote. Buying the tickets for the rewealthexpo & skipping school was 10000000% worth it!

Besides the celebrities, connecting with people from the bay area was amazing! Met so many cool people and absorbed so much knowledge about business and yes real estate 🏡 
I'm so incredibly happy to experience this with my poppa bear, he has been so supportive through everything ♥️ I hope one day to really take care of my family like how they take care of me 🙏🏽 Life is nothing if you're not fighting for the ones you love. Being successful for them keeps me motivated to do better.

Thank you to the staff at the rewealthexpo because everything ran smoothly just PLEASE keep it room temp because ya girl was freezing in there!!! ⛄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️ Also you guys, Trent's quote hit hard. I believe there's more to us than we realize. Take the time and get to know who you are and your purpose ✨

#RealEstateWealthExpo #business #entrepreneurship #greatnessawaits #whatsyourpurpose
Here's to the #crazy ones. The #misfits. The #rebels. The #troublemakers. The #roundpegs in the #squareholes . The ones who see things differently. They're not fond of #rules . And they have no #respect for the #statusquo . You can #quote them, #disagree with them, #glorify or #vilify them. About the only thing you can't do is #ignore them. Because they change things. They push the #humanrace race forward. And while some may see them as the #crazy ones, we see #genius . Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the #world, are the ones who do. 🥂
#businesspartners #leaders #friendship #partnerincrime #life #love & #happiness #forever #dancelikeeveryoneiswatching #changethestatusquo #twoisbetterthanone
Everything about this quote relates to me this year.  I’ve always been good at practicing gratitude, but when you practice it for so long, it becomes your default.  I have moments of course, I’m human.  But I love the shift gratitude brings into ones life and who it brings into my life♥️ Happy Thanksgiving🍂🌾
#gratefulheart #familyandfriends #leadbyexample #designinspiration
Nice poster, is not it?

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