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Grey Heron
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New painting! "Heron & Brown trout", Oil on canvas 30.5 X 25.5" For Sale

A frozen moment, a Grey heron catches his balance after a lightning lunge that spears the unwary trout. 
My area of Wales is inter crossed by small wild streams, shallow and rocky for much of the year and then churning in a brown spate after rain, these streams are important spawning areas for Salmon, Sea trout and the common Brown trout which in turn feed the fisher folk of the streams, the Otter, Dipper, Kingfisher, Goosander and the large Grey heron.

I'd conceived this idea some time ago, struck by the strong lighting of these tight little streams which are often tree shrouded and where light filters through to starkly illuminate the water and rocks below. What if one of those life and death moments in nature occurred under such a spotlight-what drama!

For several months I flitted to and from this idea, eventually settling on a pose for the heron where it's wings would animate an often still and slender bird, the important piece of reference coming from a new friend who let me use his photo of the head of an Irish Grey heron with his trout catch. Choosing the immediate stage was easier, a favourite stretch of water provided just the right rock for the heron to perch on, I added new details by wading out to the rock and splashing the surface to suggest splashed water and the footprint of the heron as he plunged forward and then stepped away leaving a wet imprint.

This was a lot of fun to paint and is the first painting in the "Fisher" series. Feel free to share, this painting is for sale.

#heron #trout #birdart #fishart #wildlifeart #jonathanpointerart
✳️ 森園海岸のサギ ✳️
① : どこにでもいる アオサギ ( Grey Heron )
・何時も、同じ場所、同じ姿勢で長時間 じっと何かを考えている … ようで 実は何も考えていない 💦
② : 珍しく 😳 本気モードのアオサギ fisherman
・お尻が濡れることも厭わず ザブザブと海の中へ 😳
・にしても … 太腿 太っ 😳
・まるで サクラジマダイコン
・桜島大根 は丸いの 😤
・それ言うなら 練馬大根 でしょ 🤗
・He ( ? ) seems to take the fish seriously today 😳
・Still, thighs are toooooo big ‼️😅
③ : 必死で逃げまわるヌルヌル🐟と格闘してるうちに、こんなになっちゃいました 😅
✳️ 松原の田圃のサギ ✳️
④ : 刈り入れの終わった田圃で 10羽ほどのシラサギがミレー ( Millet ) していました
・大きさから てっきり コサギだと思ったのですが …
・よく見ると、頭や背中にオレンジの羽毛がまばらに残るアマサギ ( Cattle Egret ) でした
✳️ 郡川のサギ ✳️
⑤ : 日光浴中のアオサギ … 上嘴が灰色、下嘴がオレンジ色の幼鳥です
・Grey Heron ( juvenile ) … bathing in the sun 🤗
⑥ : ここにも アマサギがいました
・Cattle Egret ( winter plumage )
⑦ : 優雅なダイサギの飛翔です
・Great Egret ( in flying )
⑧ : 黄色い靴下を履いたお洒落なコサギの飛び出しです
・Little Egret ( in jumping out )
⑨ : ゴイサギ … 今日の投稿分ではちゃんと起き😳てます 😅
・Black-crowned Night Heron
【 ㊗️ 新シリーズ『 よく見りゃ似てる ⁉️ この二人? 』】
⑩ : 記念すべき第1回は …郡川のスッポン 🐢
( softshell turtle )
・さて … 誰に似てるでしょうか?
・予想してみてください 🙇‍♂️
・答えは … ハッシュタグリストの後 💦
📸 2019/10/04 - 森園海岸 * ① 〜 ③
📸 2019/10/04 - 松原火力発電所跡の田圃 * ④
📸 2019/10/05 - 郡川 * ⑤ 〜 ⑩
#アオサギ #アマサギ #夏羽 #冬羽 #日光浴 #幼鳥 #ダイサギ #コサギ #ゴイサギ #スッポン #野鳥 #バードウォッチング #grey_heron #cattle_egret #summer_plumage #winter_plumage #sunbathing #juvenile #great_egret #little_egret #black_crowned_night_heron #softshell_turtle #birds #birdwatching #instabird #instagood
✳️ ⑩ の答 : お笑いコンビ「 バナナマン 」の 日村勇紀さん 🙇‍♂️🙏
A Grey Heron (Ardea cinerea) in Ranthambore. 
The plumage of the heron is grey on the back and off-white below. In adult birds a broad black supercilium is found as a broad black eyestripe from above eye to back of crown and extending beyond the neck. During the breeding season, adults have a bright pinkish-yellow bill. 
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