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Kid Playing On Computer
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This place is great, has everything you need for a comfortable & affordable residency. There's a workout room and a clubhouse with free WiFi, dog park,kids play area, huge pool, computers to use including a printer for your paperwork needs. And around almost every holiday they host little parties w/raffles in the clubhouse, & decoration contests to decorate the outside of your apt like for Christmas or something & u get reward points to save up for apt fix ups or upgrades..just by attending any events the may be hosting! Pay your rent & create work orders easy & hassle free on the app. The neighborhood is quiet & everyone keeps to themselves for the most part & the only noise would be outside the complex regarding traffic or something. Honestly in my opinion Tucson has its downsides but there are great communities within & this place is top notch especially when it comes to the area with everything u need. The complex is right next to a Walgreens & across the street from the Walmart grocery store including numerous fast food restaurants, & nearby schools.If you're looking to move to Tucson & you're in the market for a studio,small 1 bedroom,or spacious big 1 bedroom up to a huge 2 bedroom,this is the place for you...And hmu so I can get a reward for the referral lol 😜. The office workers treat everyone equally to the best of their ability,they're good people & they do what they can to make this a good place to live for their residents. #residential #residentialapartments #notsponsored
#apartment #apartmentliving #apartments #apartmentgoals dasmenresidential
Hi there! Face Here! You know, I really miss being on Nick Jr. at times, but I’m so glad that Fisher Price gave me this new gig being on a kid’s laptop computer! One day, you’ll be able to have one of your own when you’re an adult. But for now, enjoy playing this toy with me on the Fisher Price Laptop! #brrbrrbrrrrrrr #hehehehe #justforfun #nostalgia
Back on insta for the first time in 2 months.  I noticed I upped my self care game during this time. Running through the forest more, swimming in the river more, playing games with my kids, playing more music.  I noticed less brain fog and more vitality.  It’s not like I was a couch potato with my phone stuck to my nose, but letting most social media go for a couple months made me more present with the real tangible world right in front of me. Did you know you can temporarily disable your insta account from a desktop computer?  Good luck ya’ll, for the infinite adventure to keep finding balance in our lives 😘 #takeabreak #livefully #naturelovesyou #balance #illbeoffhereagainsoonmylifeiswaytoomuchfunandengagingalready #loveyouall
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Science Museum

One of my favourite places. It's RIDICULOUS that this place is FREE to visit. So many interesting displays, so many ways of increasing people's knowledge about so much, there's even games kids can play and computers where to browse millions of little articles about anything that's in there.
I've been in there HOURS.
March 9, 2019

I can't count how many times we've fought since we were kids. I complained how rarely I could play his computer. He said I was super stingy because I barely wanted to share my stuff as well, like food😋

Despite those, I always adore him for his determination on doing what he is passionate about. I thank him for showing how you should work hard but not forget to enjoy your life. 
I rarely meet him since 2010 as we both have been away from home. We both have grown up and now he has entered the new phase of his life.

Dear brother, I am beyond happy that you have found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with 🌹
Nice poster, is not it?

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