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What started at NONWA GBAM!!!!! TAILAND has ended in Kubwa today... As always; GOD has been faithful and I have been awesome 😁😁... It was a beautiful year of constant fun and irrepressible goofing off... My niggas in Rivers... my niggas in ahuja... my babies  in Abuja 😘😍... CONGRATS... To us all... Let it be on the record that I actually loved wearing the khaki (always wore a smile on top of it) ... 😍😍😍... On to the next level 🙌... #boom
NCT DREAM (엔시티 DREAM) - Boom ☠️💀
YEAH, WE GOT THAT!!💥✊🏻🔄✊🏻💥
Dream babies are no longer BABIES! 😭
jk, they’ll always be the littles lolol
First, sorry that there’s a lot of noise in the video .-.
This was recorded at night, so quality isn’t “it” LOL But, it’s the fun dance that counts, right? 😁 I always have so much fun dancing to the pre-chorus because it puts me on HYYPPEE 🔥 Full cover coming soon! Can you guess which member I am?! hehe 👀
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FMLA allows women up to 12 weeks of maternity leave (employer determines pay). I know women who have taken more and those who have had to take less. I have given myself three months because that is what the government says that is the magic number. (For the record, they are wrong.) ⁣
But this post isn’t about the several issues I take with maternity AND paternity leave in the U.S. This post is about me, and my art and carolinecalloway. ⁣
I did not stop painting for the past 11 weeks. I just took a break from “working” to focus on taking care of a life. As an artist, I am fortunate enough to harness an income from the thing (not person) I love most in this world- making art! During this time, I decided to paint for ME. I pulled out of my favorite local art festival, canceled any pending art commitments, and just created. But not what I thought would sell, just anything that pulled at me. My garden, my back window, San Diego scenes inspired by my iPhone pictures, CA native flowers, and carolinecalloway.⁣
She may seem like the outlier on my list, but her unwavering self confidence paired with her brave vulnerability has fueled my own entrepreneurial fire. Her art speaks to me, inspires me, and frankly her content is the only thing I truly enjoy on this platform. So why not give her a space on my grid?⁣
I don’t know if this means I’ll start painting portraits again, but I’ve re-listed my older people paintings if that interests you (link in bio). What I do know is that I am on my maternity leave, I’m painting what I want, and yesterday I wanted to paint carolinecalloway. ⁣
I have two weeks left. Things might get a little crazy on my significantly less curated Instagram page, but so what? I’m making art right after having a baby while taking care of another. Boom. Or in Caroline’s words, “LFG!”⁣
I’ll start making those #smartalphamoves when my Audie hits week 13, but for now (this precious precious time) I’m going to enjoy my baby and my art. 🤙🏼
Nice poster, is not it?

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