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Years After Recorded Live
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My dog and I, taken by Jae in the apartment next to a substation where I recorded/mixed A I A (and sat on it for a few years before releasing.) I think I was playing Alien O for a good three years live before it came out. Any way, time passes, my dog is dead, these records are finally coming again nearly an exact ten years after this polaroid was shot; thanks Kranky. RIP Rosie, welcome back shadow twins.
Proud to announce this one right here , 3 years strong with my brothers spreadsheets & httmh and looking forward to many more , thank you to everyone who continues to support the dream and what we do donutshoppe  It ain't easy making a living doing what you love , but damn is it fun ! 3 years after they said it couldn't be done , that we were crazy , donutshoppe Brings you realpeterock Along with me dustyfingers1 And my brother spreadsheets on the opening sets ! Don't sleep on this one Orlando , tickets available at the shoppe or online ! #dustyfingers #allvinyl #dj #eldonutshoppe #3yearanniversary #classic #og #records #vinyligclub #vinylcommunity
Birthdays are beneficial for me. The more I have, the more I live (lol🤣); birthdays are wonderful! "The new year after the new year" as Scott Fitzgerald the great author would fondly say. For me, its a season of accountability & records/personal evaluations. My conclusion, God has been faithful to me even in my unfaithfulness to Him. I'm lucky to be part of a big family of friends, lovers, well-wishers and of course like every normal person, haters! I love and cherish you all. Y'all make the life cycle complete and worth living for even more. I'm accepting gifts in all shapes & sizes so don't hold anything back. I understand the cashless Nigeria policy so I got a point of sale machine (POS) for the sets of people interested in giving cash gifts😁. Feel free to request for my bank details for all sorts of legitimate bank transfers and cash deposits😁 because buhari is not joking this days🤣. Landed & housing properties are welcome so feel free to call me to come for the original documents😁. A friend works with FAAN so it won't be difficult renting a hangar at the MM2 should you want to buy me a private jet😁. I wish myself and you all the best this year and the ones to come.. Amin Thuma Amin🙏 #HappyBirthdayToMe 🎁
Nice poster, is not it?

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